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Q: Why Washington believe that foreign influence and alliance with another nations were so dangerous?
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What is the other word for alliance?

Another word for "alliance" is, "alli"

National farmers alliance and industrial union which another name for is?

Farmers Alliance Southern Farmers Alliance The Grange

How do you make peace with another alliance on travian?

Go to optins, alliance diplomacy, write the alliance name and chose Offer a confederation pact

What a another word for union?

alliance, coalition

What does french alliance mean?

French alliance means another group made a agreement with the French for their help.

Why was the alliance in Europe in 1914 a dangerous situation?

It was dangerous because the alliances were large and if a war was to start i.e. World war 1, then all the alliances would be triggered creating a large scale war. It posed Nations being forced to be involved in another Nation's crisis.

Another name for the triple alliance was?

Central Powers

What is an official friendship with another country?

The word "alliance" comes to mind. The allied countries are known as allies.

What is a person or nation united with another for a common purpose?

an alliance

Another name for the successful Iroquois alliance was the what of five nations?

Another name for the successful Iroquois alliance was the Confederacy of five nations(: --answered by;; caitlyn parsons(: hope i could hellp(:

How might politics and culture influence one another?

politics and culture influence one another because they have impacts on one another

Did the Louisiana purchase strenghen or weaken the no-alliance tradition?

America's purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803 had, if any effect at all, a strengthening effect upon the 'no-alliance tradition' of the nation. For one thing, it deepened America investment in its home-continent. For another thing, it removed the direct influence of a powerful European nation from North America.