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French alliance means another group made a agreement with the French for their help.

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Q: What does french alliance mean?
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What does the French word alliance mean in English?

As a jewel, an "alliance" is a wedding ring; as a concept, it means "friendly association and agreement"

What is the french word for covenant?

The French word for covenant is "alliance".

The french had an alliance with who against the English?

French were part of the Auld Alliance with Scotland.

When was the French alliance?

The French Alliance was on May 4, 1778 during the Revolutionary War.

Why was it called Entente instead of alliance?

Becuase entente is french for alliance and the french were part of the entente

What is the French spelling for the word alliance?

It's spelled the same ~> alliance

Is entente the french word for alliance?

The French word entente means an understanding and comes from the verb entendre, to hear, to understand. This is similar to the idea of a "special relationship" between the UK and the USA; not an alliance but an informal understanding of mutual support.The French word for a formal alliance is . . . alliance.

What country made an alliance with the US?

French made an alliance with the United States.

From what language does alliance derive?

First attest circa 1300, from Old French aliance (Modern French alliance), from alier (Modern French allier) "combine, unite"

Who established the colonial alliance with the french?

Ben Franklin was essential in establishing the Colonial Alliance with the French. The colonist received money, equipment, and uniforms from the French during the American Revolutionary War.

What does it mean when someone says to you alliance in Spanish?


Does alliance and entente mean the same thing?

Not precisely. "Entente" is French for "understanding", and could in practical terms mean much the same thing that an alliance would, or could simply mean that two countries have a basic mutual agreement on some issue ... perhaps simply not to attack each other (but not necessarily to come to each other's aid, as would usually be implied by the word "alliance.")