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the french had excepted to control the negotiation

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Q: Did the treaty of Paris strain the American alliance with the french?
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Why did the Treaty of Paris strain the American alliance with the?

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What treaty said the American colonists got help from the french?

No treaty states they had gotten help from the French, but the 1778 Treaty of Alliance stated that the French would help the American colonists against the attacking British.

The peace treaty courageously signed by President John Adams that ended the undeclared war with France as well as the official French-American alliance?

Treaty of Mortefontaine

Shrewd American diplomat who established the French alliance and worked with Jay and Adams to win a generous peace treaty?

Benjamin Franklin

What did the treaty of alliance in 1778 with France do?

The treaty of 1778 called for American support for France

Why did Congress rescind the Franco-American Alliance of 1778?

The Franco-American Alliance of 1778 united France and America to thwart British forces. Congress rescinded the treaty in 1798, as they wanted the American government to maintain a neutral position during the French Revolution.

Who used the treaty of alliance?

The Treaty of Alliance was the defensive alliance between France and the America, formed during the American Revolutionary War. The treaty promised military support in case of attack by British forces indefinitely into the future.

What did the jay treaty resolve How did the French respond to the treaty?

The Jay Treaty resolved issues between the United States and Great Britain, particularly related to trade and navigation rights. The French viewed the Jay Treaty as favoring Britain and violating the Franco-American alliance, leading to strained relations and disputes between France and the United States.

What is the difference between an alliance and a treaty?

An alliance is where you become allied with someone and a treaty is either the attempt to become an ally or the attempt to stop war. Example: The French were America's allies. Example: The Americans made a treaty to resolve the war with England.

Why didnt the united states honor the treaty of alliance with france and some of their aid against the british?

The United States did not honor the treaty of alliance with France because it had been an agreement with the king of France, not with the new French Republic established during the French Revolution

When did France negotiate a treaty alliance with the new American nation in 1778?

February 6, 1778

Who was the agent of American congress in France who signed a military alliance with that government?

The Treaty of Amity and Commerce and the Treaty of Alliance between France and the US was signed on February 6, 1778 . The three American representatives are Benjamin Franklin, Arthur Lee, and Silas Deane.