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could be your a\c clutch in the compressor.?. or maybe pressure leaks.

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2005-08-15 04:57:04
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Q: Why Would your 1997 Toyota RAV4 air conditioning compressor suddenly stop engaging?
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What type of freon does a 1994 Toyota Tercel use?

The 1994 Toyota uses are R-136 Freon. The air conditioning compressor Freon capacity is five pounds. The manufacturer recommends you never overfill the air conditioner compressor.

Where is the AC low pressure switch in a 1997 Toyota Avalon XLS located?

The 1997 Toyota Avalon air conditioning low pressure switch can be found on the top of the air conditioning compressor. The low pressure switch will be labeled as the low pressure port.

Where is the freon recharge port for a 95 Toyota Camry?

The Freon recharge port for a 95 Toyota Camry is located near the air conditioning compressor. It is near the fire wall, and has a black cap with an L marked on it.

Where is tha magnetic clutch relay on a Toyota 03 4 runner It is a part of the air conditioning system?

its built into your a/c compressor if its failing replace the whole unit.

Where is the air condioner drain hose for a 2004 Toyota Tacoma?

The 2004 Toyota Tacoma air conditioning drain hose begins at the bottom of the air conditioner compressor. The drain hose will go to the bottom of the engine compartment.

Where is the refill port for refrigerant on Toyota Avalon 98?

You can refill your air conditioning system from the low pressure port on the air conditioner compressor. The low pressure port will be labeled as such.

Toyota 1996 Engine vibration when ac on?

It is normal for a little vibration with the air conditioning on due to the compressor working , fans on , and engine running a little warmer. On at least 92-96 Toyota's the fans automatically come on when the ac is turned on

Where is the air conditioner compressor on a 2004 Toyota Tacoma?

The 2004 Toyota Tacoma air conditioner compressor can be found on top of the engine. The air conditioner compressor will be on the left-hand side of the engine, near the front.

Where is the ac in a 2000 Toyota Echo?

There are lots of parts to the air conditioning system. The compressor is the bottom most pulley that the drive belt touches. See related link for a picture showing all the parts and their locations.

What are symptoms of bad clutch in manual 5 speed 4 cylinder Toyota?

Difficulty engaging gears and noise when actually engaging

You have Toyota Camry the ac no work suddenly even fan not work?

Ihave Toyota Camry ac is stop suddenly even the is stop too ?

Did the 1992 Toyota paseco come with air conditioning?

Mine did.

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