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Q: Why a hot air balloon rises into the air when the gas is heated?
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What is the name of the gas that is filled in hot air balloons to make them soar and rise up in the sky?

In a "hot air" balloon, which you refer to in your question, the gas is hot air. Heated air rises, so the balloon rises. The gas used in the burner, to heat the air, is propane.

Why does a gas burner in a balloon begin to rise when heated air is trappd inside the balloon?

The hot air from the gas burner rises and enters the balloon's envelope. Once there is enough hot air trapped, the whole balloon will begin to lift off the floor. This is due entirely to the fact that hot air rises.

Why would heating the gas in air balloon make the balloon rise?

Heated gas has a lower density than environmental air.

What would heating the gas in an air balloon make the balloon rise? air rises..

Why does an hot air balloon rise up when you light the burner?

It all has to do with the gas law PV=nRT. When the Temperature "T" increases, the volume of the gas increases which inflates the balloon. It rises because this now warm gas rises through the cooler surrounding air. Warm air rises, cool air sinks

What happens to the balloon as it rises?

Baloon filled with hydrogen gas float in air or rises if the quntity of gas it contain is adjusted so that the average density of the balloon is just eguall to the density of the surrounding air.The weight of the displaces air is then eguall to the weight of the balloon

Is a hot air balloon gas?

No. A hot air balloon is a solid object. That is, the basket, the ropes, the burner and the envelope itself are not gasses. The air within the envelope is a gas, of course; heated atmospheric gasses in fact. But the balloon itself is not a gas.

Why does a balloon filled with helium gas rises up in the air?

helium is lighter that air so rises above the air. similar to oil rising above water.

Why would heating the gas in a hot air balloon make the balloon rise?

When the gas (air) in a hot air balloon is heated it becomes less dense. This makes the balloon more buoyant so it rises.Because heating the air inside the balloon makes it less dense than the air surrounding the outside of the balloon, so it will rise.

Gas that is less dense than air?

Helium is a gas that is less dense than air. This is why a balloon filled with helium rises when released.

Why would heating the gas in a air balloon make the balloon rise?

Hot air rises more quickly than cold air, so when you heat the air inside the balloon, it cant escape, so it pushes the balloon up.

What happens to gas in a balloon when that gas is heated?

The gas will expand as it is heated.