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pms is a combination of symptoms that begins 7 to 14 days before your period starts. Normally the symptoms stop after you begin. so, its normal to have cramping before your period starts. if you are really concerned than it would be best to talk to a doctor.

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Q: Why am having mentral cramps and no bleeding only spotting?
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I am having heavy bleeding and bad cramps can you still be pregnant?

Iam having heavy bleeding and bad cramps can you still be pregnant?

Just took 2 pregnancy test both positive but I'm having cramps and spotting help?

If both pregnancy tests are positive, you are pregnant. Those cramps and spotting is PERFECTLY normal. Nothing wrong there.

You are having period cramps can you still be pregnant?

I took 8 cytotec in 2 days but bleed little now am spotting with cramps am I still pregnant

You had a frozen embryo transfer a week ago and you are having spotting on and off and having some cramps too Is that normal is the baby still trying to attach to the uterine wall?

I haven't heard of this being normal in your situation hun. Spotting can occur which is known as implantation bleeding 8-12 after intercourse. However, if you had the transfer 8 days ok then it could be implantation bleeding but I really cannot be certain. Contact your Doctor for advice.

What are the signs of having a miscarraige?

Heavy spotting or bleeding. Depends on how far along you are. Consult a doctor!

What could be the cause of back pain bleeding cramps and a lot of pressure on growing at 34 weeks?

You need to call your doctor. Especially since you are bleeding and having cramps. Good luck and God Bless:)

Positive pregnancy test earlier today but now having cramps and a bit of bleeding?

It is common to have light bleeding and cramps in the early stages of pregnancy. The blood is usually a dark almost brown. But not always.

Is it normal that on day seven of starting pill experiencing bleeding but not like normal period no cramps or pain?

Yes it's normal to experience some spotting. This usually goes away after your body gets used to being on the pill. Give it a few months, if you keep having spotting, you may need to switch the brand of pill that you're on.

What colour is spotting during pregnancy?

Spotting can be brown, pink, orange, bright red, dark red, and/or black. It really depends on the reason for the spotting. If you are having spotting of any color or are bleeding heavily you should contact your Dr right away.

If you are spotting a brownish color could you be having a miscarriage?

Get checked now - that was my first cramps or anything, just brown spotting. You DEFINITELY should go to the Emergency Department of some hospitallike NOW !

Have other women experienced bleeding for months after discontinuing NuvaRing?

Sure, but Nuvaring is unlikely to be the cause. If you're having continuous spotting or bleeding, get an exam to find the cause.

7 weeks pregnant with twins low stomach cramps and dull low back cramps?

With no bleeding or mild spotting, you could just be having growing pains. Your uterus is going to be growing very fast. I would suggest if you feel uneasy you see your doctor, seeing those 2 little hearts beating will make you feel much better.