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They are worth more because less were minted.

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1960 pennies are worth more. Wrong!.... 2008 are worth more... its about quantity not YEAR Clever. But I would point out that the 1990 pennies would probably be worth the most due to the fact that they contain more copper =)

when you adjust for inflation which is worth more? 1. 1908 pennies 2. 1960 pennies 3. 1990 pennies 4.2006 pennies

They aren't.1967 and 1968 pennies both have very high mintages and are in common circulation, they are only worth a penny.

The 1949 Australian pennies are worth more than 50 United States Dollars.

They stopped when they realized it cost more to make the penny then the penny was worth. Any one could just get pennies, melt them down, and sell them for more than the pennies were worth.

You've probably heard a slightly twisted version of an old joke. The answer is that 1,986 pennies are worth $19.86 but 1,967 pennies are worth 19 cents less. In any case pennies with either of those dates are only worth 1 cent each.

The pennies value is a bit more then it's worth

The Shilling is worth more. There were 12 Pennies in a Shilling.

Usually S mintmark wheat pennies are worth more.

five pennies, because they usually think that since five is more than one, the pennies are worth more

Assuming that pennies means cents (why?) then yes.

One roll of pennies has a face value of a 50 cents. However, if there is a penny in the roll that is worth more than 1 cent the roll will be worth more.

Pennies are good to keep their just very heavy when you have a pocket full of them. Pennies are worth more then the coin value they are worth 1.17 cents. I am also ******* a hot woman right now:)

For the most part, no. Since the 1950s, Denver has produced more pennies per year than Philadelphia. The only D cents worth significantly more are from before WWII.

Because there are no 1967 pennies. Decimal currency started in 1966.Actually, 1966 pennies should be worth more than 1967 pennies as a 1967 penny would be a fake.CorrectionThis question was posted in US Coins so it refers to US 1-cent pieces by their slang name. It's actually a rather lame joke. The answer is (ba DING!) "1,967 pennies are worth $19.67 which is one cent more than $19.66"

Due to the rising price of copper, pennies were worth more than face value.

The 1964 Australian pennies are currently more than 50 United States Dollars.

They collect them, and some, like a 1943 copper penny, are worth a lot of money. Most pennies are only worth a penny, but, some are worth a lot more than than to a collector.

it depends on the date on it

Old Pennies, no longer in circulation, that are in good condition or better, would be worth at least a few Pennies, possibly much more depending on country, year, condition, place of minting and a number of other criteria.

Well depending if your talking about all the different country's pennies, then Im not sure. But I do know that the pennies made in Canada and the states are. The main metal in these pennies are copper, and copper is worth more then what the penny is worth, so sometime in the near future they will atop making pennies.

1908 pennies Cents from 1908 have a collector value of at least 75¢, probably more. 1960 cents are made of copper but are so common that they aren't worth more than maybe 2 or 3 cents unless they're uncirculated. Cents made from mid-1982 to today are copper-coated zinc and are worth 1 to 1.5 cents as scrap. Besides, it's illegal to melt them. NOTE: This question is a typically a trick question. Consider that the year numbers are actually just numerical values, since there is no part of question that specifically states the numbers are years. In that case, two-thousand and seven (2007) pennies are worth $20.07; more than 1908 pennies which are only worth $19.08. Each penny is only worth a cent.

Very likely no more than a few bucks. They are common and are worth very little. If it is uncirculated you will get more.

Based on melt value alone, any Lincoln cents minted before 1982 are worth about 2 cents each for their copper content.

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