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What is the difference between an opord and a warno?

An OPORD is an operations order; it's handed down through ranks and describes the situation, mission, execution, sustainment, and C2. A WARNO(warning order) is merely a heads-up to the soldiers that an OPORD may be on its way, and to prepare for any upcoming missions.

How has everyday life changed after the warNo Silly Answers?

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What does the acronym rimiccis stand for?

rimiccis is an acronym for the troop leading procedures Receive mission Issue warno Make a tentative plan Initiate necessary movements Conduct recon Complete plan Issue order Supervise and Refine

What is the role of community service in community service development?

Community service is part of a community development activity. J.C.I. Senator # 46900, Warno Kartokromo. Community service aids the community development by giving them the tools to repair what is broken around them. Youth play the largest role in fixing the communities they grow up in. Engaging teens is where this development should begin. There are a lot of Youth Community Service ideas at

What did Alyssa Milano and shannen doherty fight about?

The reason alyssa milano and shannen doherty fought was because Shannen doherty was just jealous that alyssa milano got to be in a popular movie called,"Poison Ivy."Alyssa milano was mad at shannen doherty because, Shannen always wanted to be first in everything, and she would put alyssa to the side in photographs.

Why shannen doherty didn't get along with co-star Alyssa Milano?

shannen was jealous of alyssa

Is holly Marie friend with shannen doherty or Alyssa Milano?

holly Marie combs is best friends with shannen doherty

How old is Alyssa Milano holly Marie combs and shannen doherty?

Shannen is 39, Holly is 37, and Alyssa is 37.

Is Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano friends?

As of 2010, Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano are friends. The both of them have official twitter pages and Alyssa told Shannen congratz on Dancing With the Stars. Shannen replied, saying hey,thanking Alyssa. You could tell they were both happy to get in touch with eachother. Alyssa is even following Shannen on twitter. You know that its their real twitter page because their page will have the twitter verified check mark.

Why did Shannen ouit charmed?

Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano hated each other and Doherty said if they didn't sack Milano, (Pheobe), she would quit.

Are Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty friends today?

I'm SO sure...

Who is more famous Alyssa Milano or Shannen Doherty?

Yess alyssa is more famouse since shannen left the wb show alyssa has been more famouse she has been seen in more movies than shannen and shannen hasn't been directhing lately so alyssa is more famouse

Did shannen doherty date Brian krause?

No. Alyssa Milano dated Brian Krause. Shannen Doherty dated Julian McMahon. Both relationships were around the 3rd season of Charmed.

Is Shannen Doherty related to Pete Doherty?

No, Shannen Doherty is not related to Pete Doherty.

Is alyssa miluro shannen doherty and rose mcgowan holly Marie combs haft sisters?


What were the problems and fighting on the set of charmed?

Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty had disagreements but there were never real fights.

What is the birth name of Shannen Doherty?

Shannen Doherty's birth name is Shannen Maria Doherty.

Where does shannen doherty live?

Shannen Doherty lives in Malibu,California

What nicknames does Shannen Doherty go by?

Shannen Doherty goes by Shando.

What color eyes does shannen doherty have?

Shannen Doherty has green eyes

Why did shannen and alyissa not get along in charmed?

I think there was just a lot of rivalry and they couldn't get on and that's why Shannen Doherty left because she said it was either her or Alyssa that had to go.

Is Shannen Doherty with Alyssa Milano now friends?

I don't believe so. What happened damaged any friendship that they had.

Why didn't Alyssa Milano leave Charmed and not Shannen Doherty?

Because Shannen Doherty didn't leave she was fired....if you look it up or watch vh1, MTV they fired her because she kept asking for way to much money and couldn't get along with anyone on set,and Alyssa Milano is atlest tolerable.

Who is Shannen Doherty?

Shannen Maria Doherty is an American actress and television director.

When was Shannen Doherty born?

Shannen Doherty was born on April 12, 1971.

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