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Everton are the catholic side of Liverpool because more catholics live there but everton fc is prodestant. it was based a methodist club

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Q: Why are Everton known as the catholic side of Liverpool?
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Who is the better side Liverpool or everton?

Liverpool but Chelsea is a lot better

Everton is the Catholic side of Merseyside?

Everton FC were founded in 1878 as St Domingo by members of the 'Methodist' Sunday school of the same name, so how could the club be described as Catholic?

Why are Liverpool Football Club so crap?

It is all about personal opinion , depends upon which football club you support . As many people respect Liverpool football Club who are neutrals . Most of the hatred is from the Everton and Manchester United side

Where is Liverpool?

The most well known Liverpool is located in England, although there are several other Liverpool's throughout the world. Liverpool is a city and a metropolitan borough located at Merseyside, England, at the eastern side of the Mersey estuary.

What club side have been in the top flight league since it began?

i am led to believe tottenham man u Liverpool everton arsenal are clubs i know for sure i think there are more though

When was The Other Side of Liverpool created?

The Other Side of Liverpool was created in 2010.

Where did Everton sign flop defender per Kroldrup from?

Danish defender Per Krøldrup joined Everton from Italian side Udinese in June 2005, for a reported £5m. He played one league game (the 4-0 away defeat at Aston Villa) and a home FA Cup tie against Milwall.He was listed in The Times newspaper's "Top 50 worst transfers" and the Liverpool Echo's "Merseyside Lost 11" - a list of Liverpool and Everton players the paper considered the worst in history.

Glasgow rangers v Liverpool or everton?

Played against Liverpool for the opening of the Govan stand in the 80 s and against Everton in Dubai in a preseason tourney i seem to remember that Rangers won that 8-1 or something crazy. I know Rangers lost 2-0 at Ibrox to Liverpool around December 81. I know because I was involved in a car accident en route and missed the whole first half! No recollection of Rangers EVER beating a top English side by such a scoreline but that's not to say it didn't happen.

Who are the two players to score in the Manchester and Mersey side derbies in the same year?

Nicolas Anelka and Andrei Kanchelskis. Anelka did it in 2002, scoring for Liverpool and Manchester City. Kanchelskis did it in 1995 scoring for Manchester United and Everton.

What honours did Gary lineker win at everton?

Everton won nothing with Gary Lineker in the side, he did win the Golden Boot that year though.

Where is Anfield?

Anfield ground is in the area of Anfield in Liverpool which is in England. It's on one side of Stanley park, on the otherside is Goodison, Everton's ground. If this information doesn't help you try checking Google Earth or Virtual Earth. But I hope this does help you.

Which is the youngest side in the premier league?


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