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Why are Granny Smith apples sour?

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Acidity, and low pH. If a Gran apple is allowed to ripen fully on the tree so that it has a red blush, it will develop much more sugar and flavor so that it is no more tart than the average apple variety.

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What is the flavor of Granny Smith apples?

The flaver is sour

What are some sour foods that start with the letter A?

It could be a granny smith Apple. Granny smith apples are the sourest apples even though, in my tastes, they are not that sour. They could be though depending on what you think is sour.

Are ganny smith apples sweet or sour?

Granny Smith apples have a sour taste when they are not too ripe, but when they are they sometimes have a sweet taste

Which is better for you Granny smith apple or red apple?

Granny smith apples are better than a red apple because granny smith apples are way more sour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What vitamins are in granny smith apples?

Granny smith apples are rich in vitamin A and C.

What is the pH level of granny smith apples?

the pH level of granny smith apples is 6.2.

Where did Granny Smith apples get their name?

Granny Smith apples are so called because they first originated in Leek, England, in 1868 from a chance seedling propagated by Sam Lucking Smith. It is from this person that Green apples got their name: Granny Smith. Granny Smith Apples originated near Sydney NSW IN 1868

Can granny smith apples be red and yellow?

No, they cannot. One of the primary characteristics of Granny Smith apples are its green color.

Who invented the granny smith apples?

A man whom named them after his granny smith.

Are granny smith apples greenish yellowish?

no because if they were they wouldn't be called granny smith apples. and also they are green not yellow or orange

What apples are best for baking pies?

granny smith apples

What is the pH level of a granny smith apple?

Granny Smith Apples have a pH of 7.2 to 6.9.

Do granny smith apples have a blush of red on them?

Yes, this is normal for granny smith apples, it has something to do with cold temperatures while ripening on the tree

Are granny smith apples good for applesauce?


Is granny smith apples the best for diabetics?


What Apples are good for baking in bread and cake?

granny smith apples

Do red delicious apples have more seeds than granny smith apples?

NO - Granny Smiths generally have more

Who named granny smith apples?

Granny Smith apples are named after Maria Ann Smith. She was a 19th century Australian gardener that first cultivated the seeds that eventually became the apples on store shelves today.

What is Apple communication?

Its when apples, like the granny smith, communicate to the other granny smiths. They use this to create more apples.

How many seeds do granny smith apples have?


What are granny smith apples used for?

Apple pie

Do granny smith apples have citric acid?


What kind of apples do you use for baking?

granny smith

Is there a recipe for Granny Smith apples without peeling?


Will granny smith apples or red delicious apples decay first?

red delicious will decay first because it has much more sugar in it than a granny smith