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They're not.

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Q: Why are all atoms of the same elements identical in all their properties?
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Do all atoms have the same properties?

Only the atoms of the same isotope of an element has identical properties.

Why dont the elements within an A group in the periodic table have identical properties?

They do, have similar properties. Any elements in the same group have the same properties.

Are atoms of the same elements identical?

We know that atoms of the same elements are chemically identical. But the individual atoms can vary as regards the number of neutrons they have. This gives rise to the idea of isotopes of a given element.

Do atoms have the same properties as elements?

Yes, they have same properties. Element is a group of atom.

Do atoms have the same properties as an element?

All atoms are elements. Single (or even a "few") atoms do not have the properties of large masses of atoms.

Why do elements in the column of the periodic table have similar but not identical properties?

Elements in a group have the same number of valence electrons. Hence they have similar properties. However the total number of protons / electrons is different for the elements. hence they do not have identical properties.

How many elements will have atoms with exactly the same properties?


Is every atom the same?

NO!!! Atoms of different chemical elements have differences. Neutral atoms of a chemical element are identical.

Why AREN'T all atoms of the same element identical in all their properties?

Chemically, all atoms of the same element are identical in their properties. However, atoms of the same element come in different isotopes, different numbers of particles in the nucleus, and this difference makes for different properties in terms of radiation emission and stability, and to slightly different masses which permit the different isotopes to be separated.

John Dalton concluded that all the atoms of a single what have the same mass?

He concluded that all atoms of an element have same mass and identical chemical and physical properties.

Why do the elements in the vertical columns all have the same chemical properties?

Elements in the same period usually have an identical number of valence electrons. This results in their chemical properties being very similar as well.

How do atoms differ from one another?

Atoms of the same elements have the same number of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Atoms of different elements have different numbers of electrons, protons, and neutrons. All protons are identical to one another.

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