Why are all the animals closer and closer of becoming extinct?

1st answer: Because each year we are making more products of coats, sweaters and other items and that uses their fur. Their fur is what some animals need to survive in the cold. We have also been destroying their habitats by cutting down trees, building something or something else. To stop extinction, you could start a petition or raise money for the cause. For example: polar bears will be extinct in 2050 because we have been using their fur that they need for survival in the Artic.

2nd answer: ok, first of all, it's Arctic, not Artic. Second, polar bears and many other animals are going extinct because of GLOBAL WARMING, not because of humans using their fur. When is the last time you saw someone with a polar bear coat? My guess is never, as that would also be my answer. A few other animals that are going extinct include certain types of birds and frogs, so are we also using their fur? Because I'm pretty sure they don't have any. And every animal is nearing extinction, including humans, as we speak because not only are we destroying our planet, but the sun will explode in approximately 6 billion years when it runs out of fuel and kill anything left anyway.