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The FEC does not have enough staff or funding

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The fec does not have enough staff or funding

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Q: Why are campaign finance laws administered by the Federal Election Commission not well enforced?
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Why are campaign finance laws administered by federal election commission not well enforced?

The FEC does not have enough staff or funding

Campaign finance legislation is enforced by the?

Federal Election Commission or fec

Laws governing campaign finance have become gradually?

More specific and enforced

What laws are enforced by the Federal Trade Commission?

The FTC enforces the Clayton and Federal Trade Commission Acts as well as a number of other antitrust and consumer-protection laws.

What enforced antitrust laws protecting small businesses restrained power of big corporations?

Federal Trade Commission

What law made sure that antitrust laws were enforced and also protects small business so that they had a chance to survive against powerful corperations?

Federal Trade Commission

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