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Why are caves important?



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See.. im not TOO sure. But i guess it is because in India there are really amazing sculptures carved out of cave walls/rocks. Secondly, glacier caves are really beautiful. Its dark and lonely in most caves but you might as well find many bats. Its their habitat. Also, of course, home to many microorganisms. They provide us with adventure,pleasure and entertainment. I guess, these are probably the reasons.. They were home to many prehistoric cavemen also. They are still used sometimes in India as shelters for hermits and religious people. Also, they could be used to make temples.. :) Hope this helped. ++++++ It's a start! All-natural caves in limestone, and lava-tubes, can be beautiful too, and very many are - without anyone carving their walls, too! it's dark and lonely in ALL caves unless you explore them properly, in a team and all equipped with proper lamps! The darkness beyond any penetrating daylight is absolute. caves are also important for carrying water from the hills where it fell as rain to springs - but this is also true of aquifers. Caves can also provide scientific evidence in research into palaeoclimates. to help understand long-term climate change. And they are scientifically fascinating in their own right.