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Q: Why are chopsticks traditional?
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What is the traditional eating utensil of japan?


What is the traditional eating utensil for people in Japan?


Why are chopsticks the traditional eating utensil in japan?

Chopsticks are the traditional utensils because they adopted them from China. They had no influence from western civilization at the time, so it was natural to take in things from China.

What do people from Japan use to eat?

The more traditional ones use chopsticks.

What is the English word for chopsticks?

The English word for chopsticks is chopsticks.

What is a collective noun for chopsticks?

There is no specific collective noun for chopsticks, in which case a general collective noun is used. Examples are a set of chopsticks, a box of chopsticks, a supply of chopsticks, etc.

What sentence is chopsticks?

I use chopsticks with my food.

Do Indonesians use chopsticks?

Indonesians do not use chopsticks (unless they are in a Chinese restaurant). They traditionally use a spoon and a fork in most of Indonesia, one in each hand, though in some parts of the nation it is traditional to use one's hands.

What does Argentina imoprt?

chopsticks and computers chopsticks and computers

What are chopsticks?

Chopsticks are 2 sticks that people eat with,

How do you get chopsticks in your hair in animal crossing?

In real life u bun up ur hair then chopsticks the chopsticks in!

What utensils do Chinese use for food?

not chopsticks (Chopsticks) you fool

How do you make chopsticks?

Most people buy chopsticks or get them from a restaurant.

Why do Asians eat with Chopsticks?

Not all Asians eat with Chopsticks.

How do chopsticks work?

Chopsticks work by using the hand you write with.

Is there such thing as a phobia of chopsticks?

As silly as it sounds, yes the fear of chopsticks is a real phobia.The phobia of chopsticks is called Consecotaleophobia.

Would you use chopsticks in Korea?

Yes , many Koreans use chopsticks, they are traditional eating utensils. Unlike the Chinese and Japanese Koreans do not use their chopsticks to eat rice, preferring a spoon. As another difference, Korean chopsticks are often made of stainless steel. As a consequnce first time users may find them more difficult to "steer" than the disposable Chinese restaurant style because of the thinness and slick surface.

Where are chopsticks used?

Chopsticks are usually used in China or Chinese restauraunts.

Is chopsticks tradition in Japan?

Yes, the use of chopsticks is customary in Japan.

What are most chopsticks made of?

Most chopsticks are made of "wood" or "plastic".

How are chopsticks used in Japan?

chopsticks are used to eat food

What simple machine are chopsticks?

Chopsticks are simple machines. It falls under the category of third class levers

What utensils do Chinese eat with?

the Chinese traditional utensil for eating was the chopsticks which were two sticks withwhich the finger must be possitioned correctly to be able to use.

What is the Japanese word for chopsticks when translated into English?

"Chopsticks" is 箸 (hashi) in Japanese.

Do the Cambodian eat with chopsticks?

Yes, Cambodians eat with chopsticks we're Asian.