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They compute.

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Q: Why are computers called comptuers?
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What is the page size KB on a Pentium computers?

The page size for Pentium comptuers is 4 KB

What jobs can you get for working with computers?

There are a lot of jobs out there where you are working with computers. You have a help desk where you help people over the phone. IT pro. what jobs need comptuers

does office depot sell business computers?

Office depot sells all kinds and all brands of business computers you can want or need. You can have comptuers custom made from there as well. Visit a store or their website.

What does it called When computers are connected to other computers?

it is called a network

What were computers called in 1990?


What are small computers called?

Micro or mini computers, hand held computers, notebook computers....

What are personal computers from Apple called?

Modern Apple computers are referenced to as Mac computers or Macintosh computers

What is it called when computers are connected to other computers?


Why you called electronic computers to computers?

because they compute maths

Why are the fourth generation computers called digital computers?

Because the first, second, and third generation computers were also digital computers.

What are the computers called today?

they are called PC's

What is a collection of computers?

collection of computers is a network.computers can also be called as nodes

First generation computers are called ICL2900HP9845 A VAX11780.What are second generation computers called?

Second Generation computers. The VAX mentioned above is just a single model of first generation electronic computers.

What are the names of the 2nd generation computer?

Second generation computers are often called transistorized computers. The transistorized computers are more advanced computers than the first generation of computers.

Smaller and smaller computers is called?

It is called a Notebook.

What hardware is needed for a network?

For the most basic type of network between two computers, all that is needed is an Ethernet cord. For a network of more than two computers, an Ethernet hub and several Ethernet cords are required. For a network that shares a highspeed internet connection, a modem needs to be connected to a router via Ethernet and then Ethernet cords can be used to connect various comptuers to the router. Alternatively, if the computers involved support WiFi, a wireless router can be used.

What is a group of computers connected together and share resources?

Such a group of computers is called a network.

What is the study of computers?

The study of computers is called computer science and Chuck Norris too.

Which computers are not connected to othercomputer are called as?

I think this is called a HomeGroup

Who is called as silico sapiens?

computers are called silico sepians

What are computers individual files called?

They are called just that - "files".

What is a person who builds computers called?

They are called a computer engineer

What are computers that stores web pages called?


Specialized computers that manage network resources and allow computers access to the network are called?


Computers that store and distribute information on the Web are called?

personal computers