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If you've ever gone through basic training in the army, you get this right away. The soldiers ID Tags resemble actual dog tags and you get treated worse than a dog until you've earned the right to be called a soldier, paratrooper, marine, sailor, or airman.

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Q: Why are dog tags called dog tags?
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What came first dog tags or military dog tags?

If you are refering to tags for dogs they are not called "dog tags". So the Military one came first.

Where can one order personalized dog tags?

If you're referring to dog tags for a canine, you can purchase and personalize dog tags at the Pet Works kiosk in Petsmart. If you're refering to dog tags for humans, you can purchase them from websites such as Best Name Badges, and Custom Military Dog Tags.

What does DOG tag stand for in the US military?

military Id tags are worn around the neck with a chain. there are two of them. if a military member is killed one of the tags is removed and forwarded to graves registration for reporting. since the tags 'look' like DOG tags, the slang word DOG-TAGS became part of military slang when referring to ID. tags.................. Alot of people called those among the ranks of the military the military dogs. The name of dog tags may be referring to the military owning them and them being the dogs of the military.

What are the metal tags military personnel wear called?

They are called dog tags. They are used to identify the soldier's body posthumously. The tags list the soldier's name, home address, and military division. This information is usual for contacting the family.

Why do they have dog tags in the military?

Dog tags are used in the military so that soldiers can identify which faction they belong to. Therefore, when infighting starts in the military, the dog tags separate faction from faction.

How is it that after i beat Metal Gear Solid 2 with over 30 dog tags i didn't get any special items?

There are no rewards for beating Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty with 30 dog tags. For the Tanker Chapter, you can collect 33 dog tags for the Infinite Ammo Bandana, and 78 dog tags for Stealth Camouflage. In the Plant Chapter, you can collect 100 dog tags to get the Brown Wig, which gives you infinite ammo, 120 dog tags for the Stealth Camouflage, 170 dog tags for the Orange Wig, which gives you an infinite hanging meter, and 218 dog tags for the Blue Wig, which gives you an infinite O2 gauge.

Why do they call military tags dog tags?

Dogs are given metal tags to put on their neck collars to identify them and tell people who are their owners. Therefore the troops dubbed their military identification tags worn around their necks dog tags.

What is the machine that prints your dog's information called?

Tags machines and you can find them at any wal-mart.

Where would one be able to purchase custom dog tags?

Custom dog tags can be purchased at most jewellers including in markets and craft fairs. They can also be bought online from sites including Etsy, My Dog Tag and Dog Tags.

When were dog tags first used?

Dog tags were first used in the mid 19th century during the Taiping Revolt. The tags were given to Chinese soldiers to identify them.

Do Civil air patrol members dog tags?

It is not in CAP regulations for it's members to wear dog tags.

Do air force pilots wear dog tags?

Yes all military jobs you have and wear your dog tags

What is on john cenas dog tags he Where is before he wrestles?

It's his code, is what is on his dog tags. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect.

Can Civil Air Patrol cadets wear dog tags?

Dog Tags are not mentioned in the C.A.P uniform regulations.

How do you get all of the battlefield 3 dog tags?

It is impossible to unlock all dog tags in the game, however it is ALMOST impossible to have the dog tags in the TAKEN section, mainly because two of the dog tags you can only get for participating in the creation of the game itself. But excluding those two, it would probably take over half a year, you would have to be playing constantly (I would NOT recommend doing that.) expecally for the gun dog tags and the reaching level Colonel Service Star 100 dog tag.

Why do dog tags from war have two tags?

The American GI wore 2 identical identification tags, called dog tags. If he was killed in battle, one dog tag was kept attached to his body and the other was kept to be turned in to the proper authorities. German dogtags were one piece that was perferated down the center and could be broken in half. The Italian dog tag were two thin metal tags almost like the US one but they were sandwiched on top of each other. Also, there were two types of dog tags for US soldiers. While in training in the States, they wore one that included the names of their next of kin and hometown. When they went overseas into combat, a new dogtag was issued without this personal information.

Does a soldier keep his dog tags after a war?

I kept my dog tags after the Vietnam war. No one asked for them back. Personal I guess.

What actors and actresses appeared in Dog Tags - 2006?

The cast of Dog Tags - 2006 includes: Jeff Key as A.J. Finch

Where can one purchase army dog tags?

USAMilitary and Vet Friends are two websites that advertise these tags. They can also be found at Army Surplus World and on Amazon. Dog Tags Online will personalize them.

What are paired tags called in HTML?

the paired tags are called companion tags. they have a opening and ending tag

How do you get your dogs tags?

You can get dog tags (sometimes referred to as military dog tags or army id tags) from many army surplus stores in the US where they can engrave them on the spot with a dog tag machine. The 2 types of engravings are embossing and debossing. Embossing is the new standard being used at many US military bases but both are permitted for official use. Dog tags can also be easily ordered and printed online and delivered worldwide.

Military Dog Tags And Other Types of Dog Tags- A Brief Description?

Military Dog Tags were originally used for the purpose of identifying the bodies of military personnel and also to store medical information like blood group, vaccinations taken, allergies and so on, for the purpose of facilitating emergency medical treatment. So these ID tags sometimes act as lifesavers on the battlefield. But why do you think they are called Dog Tags? For a very simple reason- these tags resemble those worn by dogs around their necks. Dog tags for military personnel are still in use. But there are other types of personalized ID Tags that are available today. We will briefly describe both military tags and personalized tags below: Military Dog Tags Dog tags for military forces are still being widely used, as just mentioned. These tags are made of metal alloys which are corrosion-resistant. They are usually composed of two halves joined together, and contain engraved or die-stamped information, in two separate copies. These ID Tags are available in different finishes, like matte, notched, copper, brass, and black powdered. In the event of death, one half of the tag is taken for gathering information, and its counterpart is kept with the body in case it cannot be taken out of the battlefield easily at that moment. Personalized Dog Tags Today, dog tags are used for other purposes too. You might see dog tags being used as innovative and trendy marketing tools for promoting different businesses. You might even see them being worn as a fashion accessory, as for instance, rap stars do. Customized dog tags make a style statement of their own. You can get dog tags that are heart-shaped; these are especially popular with women who prefer this feminine shape to the standard oval shape. You can also wear your tags on a beaded chain or plain metallic chain, which again could be made from different metals like aluminum, steel, silver or gold. It is common to get a chain of the same material as the tag, but you can mix different metals to create a truly unique look. You could also wear your tags on a silk or nylon cord if you want. This will feel much more luxurious and comfortable on your skin. You can get customized dog tags from many online retailers and suppliers. It is very easy to customize your designs; all you have to do, on most websites, is choose the materials, the shape, what graphics and/or text you want on the tag, and whether you want these to be die-stamped or engraved onto the tag. Many of these website offer substantial discounts too, so go ahead and get a trendy dog tag for yourself today itself. Author: The author is an expert in writing articles about Dog tags for Military and Military Dog Tags, they are focus on doing things right. For more details about please ID Tags log on to

Where might one be able to purchase men's dog tags?

Men's dog tags can be purchased from many different stores. Some examples of online stores that sell men's dog tags include Tribal Hollywood, My Jewelry Box, and David Yurman.

What are tags between other tags called?

A tag located between other tags is called a nested tag.

Why are treasury tags called treasury tags?

Because they treasure tags

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