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Doplphins are mammals. They breathe through lungs and have hair on their body for at some of their live. They also have internal fertilization.

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What classes are dolphins?

Dolphins are in the class Mammalia.

Are dolphins in class mammalia?

Yes, dolphins are mammals.

What is the bottlenose dolphins class?


What class is a bottlenose dolphin?

Bottlenose Dolphins' class is Mammalia.....

What classification of a camel?

Class: MammaliaClass: MammaliaClass: MammaliaClass: MammaliaClass: MammaliaClass: Mammalia

What is the wolf's class?

The wolves' class is Mammalia

Are sharks and dolphins in different kingdoms?

No, All animals are in the same kingdom... The animal Kingdom. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- However I think what you mean is that Dolphins are Class Mammalia (the are mammals), while sharks are Class Chondrichthyes (they are cartilaginous fishes)

Are wolves anyhow related to dolphins?

"Are wolves anyhow related to to dolphins?" Yes. Wolves and dolphins are both animals(Animalia(kingdom),chordates(phylum),vertebrates(sub-phylum), and mammals(Mammalia(class).

What is the class for an gray wolf?

The grey wolf is in the class Mammalia.

What class do humans belong to?

Mammalia.Humans belong to the class of mammalia.mammals. animals i guess.

What is the phylum and class of whales?

The phylum of whales is Chordata, which means it has a backbone. The class of whales is Mammalia, meaning it is a mammal. The order of whales is cetacea, which includes the whales and dolphins.

What class is a fish?

class mammalia

What class are mammals?

Class is Mammalia.

What class is the cow in?

They are in Mammalia class.

What class are llamas in?

the class is Mammalia

What is a class of a kangaroo?

Class "Mammalia"

What class is the Jaguar in?

The jaguar is in the class Mammalia.

What is the class of the bottlenose dolphin?

Class Mammalia .

What is the class of a dog?

the class of a dog is mammalia

What class do cats belong to?

Class Mammalia.

What class is the platypus from?

The class of the platypus is Mammalia.

What class is the zebra?

Zebra is in the "Mammalia" class.

What is the class of camels?

the class of the camel is mammalia.

What is a Class of a sloth?

Class of the sloth is Mammalia.

What class do walruses belong to?

Class Mammalia.

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