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I go through this all the time with guys and the answer to that is that guys can be stupid....Especially in middle school when some guys just do not know how to express their feelings and they end up being big fat jerks.If he calls you a name because you sent a girlfriend of yours to talk to him then he is probably going to tell them he hates you because he knows that everything he says goes straight to you.Even if a guy is really outgoing he will probably be too scared or embarrassed about going out with you and wants to be tough in front of his friends.

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Should guys ask out girls?

They can do, or girls can ask guys it doesnt really matter to be honest

Why does girls dont tell guys the truth to honest guys?

Because they dont trust you....

How do I make a girl love me?

Just be yourself, be honest with your feelings, and make her feel special. Girls like guys who are honest, true to themselves, independent, and works harder to become a better person.

Do girls like sensative guys?

Most girls do because they are open and honest with the female. But some girls do like the guys that are prideful or mistreat others. Girls have different assets that they are attract to but most girls like guys they can talk to.

Are girls supposed to ask guys out?

Yes they are sometimes if they feel like it. Or the guys can ask girls out.

Who fantasizes more between guys and girls?

to be honest both the same

Do girls like guys to feel their breasts?

Generally, yes girls like for guys to feel their breasts because it feels good and stimulates them sexually. Most girls just don't like for guys to feel their breasts randomly without having a relationship with them.

What to talk to a girl about?

There are lots of things you can talk to them about, but most girls like it when you can be open and honest with them. They're afraid of getting hurt by guys, or cheated on. So if you can be honest they will feel more confident, and like you and trust you more. But many girls, are also interested in conversations that guys like. You can talk about sports, music, or a lot of other things.

Do girls like military guys?

They do, it makes them feel more powerful. girls like a normal guy, not one that never cuts his hair or showers. YES

Do all guys like girls who play hard to get?

no im a guy and i hate it when girls play hard to get it makes guys feel like there unloved but that's the fun of it! girls love to make guys feel unloved

Do guys get nervous when they look at girls eyes?

Depends on the guys and how they feel about the girl

Why do guys curse at girls?

it makes them feel superior

Why does it feel like women or girls do not like nice friendly guys but nasty guys instead because they never nice guys no matter how nice you are?

Because nice friendly guys are predictable and boring. You know how they are going to act. Nasty guys are unpredictable and exciting. You never know what they are going to do next.

Why do girls cuddle with guys?

they cuddle with guys because it makes them feel good and also because that's what girls are suppose to do.

Who air brush tans more guys or girls?

Girls; guys almost never use tanning agents.

Why don't girls like scrawny guys?

because girls like to feel protected and scrony guys are often more weaker than buff guys.

Do guys like it in the butt?

Some do. It's called homosexuality, girls like girls or guys like guys.

How do girls feel about dating younger guys?

very weird!

What do guys feel about girls?

That they are awesome but don't know how to show it.

How do girls make guys feel?

Girls make guys feel as if they need to pay attention on them. They want all the boys to see her package.When they dont pay attention to her she gets mad

Who loves harder girls or guys?

tell u the honest truth they are both basically equil.

Why do guys like shy girls?

Because the shy girls never actually react.

What sort of boys do girls like?

i personaly likem sweet and honest daring and funny girls like guys who are themselves NEVER change for a girl if the girl you like doesnt like you move on they are just not worthy of your origonal awsomeness

Can confident guys be very shy to show their care for girls they like and will they be really shy to tell them how they feel?

absolutely, most guys get nervous about telling girls how they really feel.its annoying but its cute.

What do girls like and dislike about guys?

Girls like guys who are faithful and make them feel good. Guys are disliked for pressuring girls about sex. Of course, these are based on stereotypes and every guy and girl is different in their preferences.