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They are not all ditsy

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Q: Why are high school age girls so ditsy?
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What is the motto of Leeds Girls' High School?

The motto of Leeds Girls' High School is 'Age Quod Agis'.

What are the differences between girls in college and girls in high school?


What is the most difficult age for teenaged girls?

The most difficult age for teenage girls would have to be 13. It is a horrible age, with starting high school and puberty.

What high school did Princess Diana attend?

Princess Diana went to high school at West Health Girls' School in Kent. However, she dropped out at the age of 16.

How old was Marian Anderson when she graduated high school?

Marian anderso gratuated from south philedelphia school for girls at the age 18.

What is the motto of Fintona Girls' School?

The motto of Fintona Girls' School is 'Age Quod Agis'.

How do know if a girl thinks youre cute?

Depends on your age range really. In middle school, girls tend to bother you or tease you if they think you're cute. In high school, girls will give you a lot of attention. In college, girls will want to talk to you a lot.

What age did Athens kids go to school?

no both boys and girls went to school

What is a good tennis racket for girls high school level?

Prince tennis racquets are great for teenage girls. They are sturdy and durable. Girls playing tennis at any age will find them critical to have a good swing.

What is PAAP crew?

A group of egotistical adult males located in magna that prefer to get high school girls drunk then to associate with females their age.

At what age do most girls wear makeup?

Most girls wear makeup at around the 13 year mark. Basically when they are in 7th grade. Just because most girls wear makeup at this age does NOT mean they are ready. Personally, I think makeup at that age is ridiculous. I think the age that most girls are ready for makeup is around 15 or when they are entering high school. Most girls lose a little self esteem when enetering high school, because everything is new and they aren't with all of the same people. It's hard. So many girls may where makeup as a confidence booster. So, I think that most girls should wear makeup at the age of late 14 or 15. Hope this helped :)

In Iraq what age girls go to school?