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Lead Paints and Leaded GasLead is a serious health hazard. It can cause a myriad of health problems, (kidney failure, pulmonary, cardiac disease, brain atrophy/damage, and so on. It is still a problem for many people especially children, living in low-income substandard housing.

The switch from leaded petrol to unleaded petrol was due to the introduction of catalytic converters in the exhaust systems in the early 1970s. Lead based anti-knock compounds would contaminate the catalyst in the catalytic converter by leaving a thin coating of lead on or reacting with catalyst rendering it ineffective and ultimately causing the converter to clog. Older vehicles without converters were allowed to continue using leaded fuel until it was phased out in the mid 1980s.

The thought that this lead was also getting into our air and contributing to the build-up in our bodies was not considered until later.

In the mid 1990s, imported vinyl mini-blinds were found to be another source of lead in the home. Lead is added to stabilize the plastic used in the mini-blinds. Over time this plastic deteriorates from sunlight and heat exposure to form lead dust on the surface of the blind.

Lead-based paint application was outlawed in the USA in 1978. Many European countries outlawed it decades before that.

That said, old homes build and painted before 1978 in the US are likely to have lead paint. The older the building, the higher the incidence. Lead-based paint IS NOT JUST A PROBLEM in LOW INCOME HOUSING!! Historically, lead poisoning has been highest and most damaging to kids in buildings which are not well maintained and in which the paint is deteriorating and chipping off. Since many young couples are buying older homes or other folks have bought them to restore, lead paint poisoning has shifted to be more prevalent in other economic categories.

Lead paint causes serious learning disabilities and other irreversible neurological damage in children. Schools noticed an increase in learning disabilities in young kids and anger and violence in teens. Blood testing revealed lead poisoning as often present. Many public health programs focus specifically on testing kids, replacing old windows and doors, and public education for all socio-economic classes. In adults, it can cause permanent damage to organs and even sexual dysfunctions.

In 2010 the EPA enacted the Repair, Renovation, and Painting (RRP) law requiring contractors disturbing more than 6 sq. ft of lead paint to use rigid lead dust and fume containment procedures. Home and building remodeling is the largest cause of lead poisoning in America. In addition, anywhere in a building where friction is created between surfaces painted with lead paint (such as doors and windows) invisible lead dust is created. It is NOT that kids chew on window sills! The dust created drops to the floor and kids ingest in from hand contact on the floor. Lead paint poisoning is totally preventable. America needs to wake up and demand that contractors use lead-safe work practices on old homes and public buildings. See and

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Q: Why are household paints and petrol now lead free?
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Are all paints lead free?

No, all paints are not lead free. In fact, there are only a few companies who manufacture lead free paints. Majority of the companies have some if not excessive amount of lead in their paints.

What type of petrol reduce air pollution?

lead free petrol....

What brand of paints are lead free in Bangladesh?


What chemicals are used in paint?

Lead was used earlier in paints. But now paints are required to be lead-free in many countries.

What paints are lead free?

All house paints sold in the United States and Canada are lead free. The only paints that contain lead are used in industrial applications and are should not be available for purchase to the general public. Lead is used in some artist oil whites, however, this is rare and the artist who uses them has to pay a premium to acquire them . Lead is not used in water based paints.

Which companies use lead free paints?

There is no lead in any paint in the U.S. it's been illegal since 1978

In 1970 what type of gasoline was invented to reduce air pollution?

Unleaded petroleum.Lead free petrol.Lead free petrol of course!Lead free petrol was introduced to reduce air pollution.lead freeLead

What is a heavy metal used in paints batteries and radiation shells?

The material used in all three -is lead. However many paints and batteries are now lead-free due to the health risks prolonged exposure to lead poses.

Does exterior paint contain lead?

the use of lead in paint has been iliegl for a number of years since 80s all exterior paints are lead free now

Lead content in petrol?

can content in petrol if not unleaded

What is an unleded petrol?

Unleaded petrol is petrol that has not been treated with a lead compound.

Which colour paint contains the maximum amount of lead?

No modern paints contain lead. A number of colours of paint contained lead compounds, including red yellow and white paints. The compositions of the paints varied from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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