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Why are hurricanes dangerous?

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The main threat from hurricanes is flooding. The winds of a hurricane can drive seawater onto land, producing what is called the storm surge. The storm surges of hurricanes have resulted in numerous injuries and have been known to wash away entire coastal communities. Further inland areas may suffer flooding from the heavy rain that hurricanes produce. This can also result in drownings. Finally, the winds of hurricanes are very dangerous. These winds can rip pieces away from buildings, turning them into deadly projectiles, and destroy trailers.

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Are hurricanes dangerous for dolphins?

Hurricanes are not dangerous to dolphins because they swim away like us humans, we escape from hurricanes.

Are hurricanes or tornadoes ore dangerous?

Yes. Hurricanes and Tornadoes are dangerous. they can destroy property and life.

Which hurricane is dangerous?

All hurricanes are dangerous.

Why are some hurricanes more dangerous than others?

Hurricanes are dangerous because of the power and strength of the winds they possess. The stronger the winds, the more dangerous the storm.

Are hurricanes dangerous in Florida?


What makes a hurricanes dangerous?

It can kill you..

Are hurricanes dangerous?

It is very dangerous. According to the speed. The bigger the level the more dangerous it is

Why are hurricanes potentially dangerous to coastal areas?

hurricanes are potentially made up by satellites

Are hurricanes dangerous tropical storms?


Is a hurricane dangerous?

Yes. Hurricanes are among the most dangerous storms on earth.

Where do hurricanes happen the most?

Hurricanes are deadly and dangerous natural disasters. The majority of hurricanes happen the Atlantic Ocean where they are typically named.

How does hurricanes impact people and the environment?

a hurricane can be dangerous

Are hurricanes the most dangerous natural disaster?


How dangerous can hurricanes be?

They can be very dangerous, depending on the speed. The best thing to do is to stay well away from them.

Why is the eye wall dangerous?

The eye wall of a hurricanes is dangerous because that its where the strongest winds occur.

What makes hurricanes so dangerous?

Hurricanes can cause inland floods and storm surges both very destructive.

How can hurricanes be dangerous to people?

Hurricanes can kill. High winds, heavy rain, it's all a part of what can kill you.

How is rain dangerous?

It could cause floods. Or possibly hurricanes.

How often do hurricanes occur?

Hurricanes can occur at any time and there is no way to predict them. Hurricanes start off as tropical storms, building up pressure, become forceful and dangerous.

Are hurricanes things to play in?

Hurricanes are very dangerous. When one is blowing in your area, it is not a time to play outside; it is a time to seek shelter.

What is the most dangerous natural threat to the Caribbean islands?

It would be Hurricanes.

Dangers of volcanoes?

Volcanoes can be dangerous by their hazards such as falling ash and the flow of lava. They are less dangerous than earthquakes and hurricanes.

Do storm surges accompany hurricanes?

Yes, it is the most dangerous part of a hurricane.

What is the name of a storm in which rapidly spinning air becomes dangerous?

tornadoes or hurricanes

What is a dangerous side-effect of hurricanes in the Central American region?

When hurricanes impact Central America, which is relatively mountainous, the heavy rains can produce landslides.