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Static electricity doesn't travel in a straight line because it isn't always the quickest way down (or up as the case may be). Moisture can block the lightning bolt, and cause it to go slower. Therefore it finds the driest places to get through and reaches the ground quicker.

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What does jagged mean?

jagged means : ether it is a uneven and sharp cliff by: BRIANIS.ARLYN.FELIX

What is jagged?

Something that is rough, sharp and uneven, such as mountain peaks.

What do minerals that break with an uneven rough or jagged surface have?

a fracture

When a mineral breaks apart in a jagged or uneven way it is said to break with?

Fracture. When it breaks apart cleanly, that is called Cleavage.

What is the antonym of smooth?

rough coarse bumpy irregular jagged uneven

What term best describes the uneven way the glass breaks?

Glass can shatter; it can create glass shards, uneven and jagged pieces.

What alignment will result in a jagged left margin and uneven right margin?


Is jagged an adjective?

Yes, it is. It means having an uneven edge. Where it suggests serrated, it has a connotation of sharp.

What is a similar word for jagged?

spiky, barbed, ragged, rough, uneven, irregular, broken, serrated, sawtooth, indented.

Do horses have long jagged teeth?

While a horses teeth are fairly long the surface is relatively smooth as a general rule. However a horses teeth can become jagged from uneven wear from chewing.

What is a synonym for rough?

* irregular * bumpy * uneven * coarse * jagged * scaly * lumpy * wrinkled * bristly * shaggy * broken * craggy

What is a jagged wound?

A wound with uneven edges, you could say that a wound that looks a little like a zigzag is a jagged wound. These wounds don't meet well at the edges and often need debridement of unviable tissue.

What are some synonyms of the word 'lumpy'?

A synonym is a word or phrase that can mean the same as another word. It is useful for creative writing and using different words rather than the same words repeated. Some examples of synonyms of the word lumpy are bumpy, corrugated, uneven, roughly and jagged.

How do you get rid of jagged teeth?

Go to your dentist and they can file it for you. But if you are dumb enough to grab a nail filer and do it, it will go strange and uneven. So I wouldn't risk it, if you can't wait make an appointment ASAP. I also have jagged teeth and I'm waiting to go to the dentist Good luck!

What makes an air racer travel straight?

The air racer travels straight because of the wings on the side and the narrow body. If one of the wings are unbalanced or uneven, or even bent it will not go straight.

What is formed when lightening strikes sand?

A fulgorite, a knobbly, uneven rod of fused sand may form when lightning strikes sand.

When you get your haircut what is it called when you don't want it evenly straight?

You could be talking about layers, or it could just be an uneven haircut.

Business partners Christian and non- Christian?

See uneven yoked partners.... Seems pretty straight forward.

What is the shape of a meteoroid?

A meteoroid has a rocky, uneven ball-like shape, but is not perfectly round. It is more like seeing a boulder on Earth-- uneven, unwieldy, misshapen, jagged, etc. However, a meteoroid breaks up as it enters Earth's atmosphere and burns. It fragments. So only some small fragments survive the intense heat.

What does uneven distribution mean?

An uneven distribution means that an area which is uneven to the area beside the area which is uneven

When a mineral breaks without any regular pattern what is the break called?

The fracture can be described (depending on the mineral) as:-Conchoidal fractureSubconchoidal fractureEarthy fractureHackly fractureJagged fractureSplintery fractureUneven fracture

Is a movement of a plate uniform or uneven?


What is uneven distribution in farming?

uneven distribution in farming is referring to the uneven distribution of rain fall

Can you swim in an uneven pool?

yes, of course you can swin in a/n uneven pool.most pools are uneven.

How do you redo spackle on an uneven ceiling?

You redo spackle on the uneven ceiling by leveling the uneven parts.