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Well, lions aren't really the kings of animals. First of all, not all lions are male :P Second of all, when people first discovered lions, they saw them as powerful, ferocious beasts, and called them kings. But in truth, over time, lions aren't the most powerful animals on earth, or the most dangerous. We are.


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Not really. Lions are said to be the "king of the jungle", although lions are native in savannas so lions should be called "king of the savanna". But, animals do not have a monarchy.

mostly animals like lions and animals you would see on the lion king mostly animals like lions and animals you would see on the lion king

"King of the Savanna" is more appropriate title for lions as the title, "king of the jungle", doesn't apply to lions as they don't live in the jungles. Lions would be called "King of the Savanna" because lions are renown for their majesty and beauty, and few animals even challenge lions.

The kings of animals are the delicate and harmful lions that live in the wild animals

none of the animals can kill a lion because the lion is the king of the jungle.

It's Known for speed and the king of animals

The lion is known as the king of the animal kingdom. This is where the movie "Lion King" came from. The lion is also known as the king of the jungle. The lion is a strong, majestic, beautiful and fierce animal. Large animals including giraffe's, buffalo's, rhino's and hippo's are prey to lions. This is the reason they are known as the king of animals. The only predator of the lion is a human.The Lions are said to be the king of the animals

Because lions are big, mean and eat pretty much all other animals. and could me ruler or king of the jungle....

Well, it is said that lions are the king of the jungle.

all animals are reall lions are kings lions are mostly found in affrica

No lions are not domestic animals.

Crocodiles in Africa occasionally kill and eat lions which would make them the king of the king of the jungle.

That's a good question considering that lions do not live in the jungle. They are savanna animals.

No animal eats lions that is why they call it "King of the Jungle" or so. Unless people eat them. People are also considered animals.

the are strong fast and cool looking and the eat other animals

Lions growl as a warning to other lions or animals.

Lions, Giraffe, Antelope, Rhino, and Meerkats are a few, watch Lion King.

Becuase they roar the loudest of all the animals and they can roar 50 feet away!!!!

The mane of the lion makes him appear regal, and people have admired his courage throughout history. However, lions don't live in jungles, tigers do. Tigers are heavier than lions and are more powerful.

The 'King of the Jungle' is the lion. Although lions do not live in the jungle, it is called the 'King of the Jungle' because of its majestic appearance and it is dominant over most other animals in its habitat.

No. Lions are vertebrates, because they have a spine. Animals with spines are vertebrates. Animals with no spines are invertebrates.

Today's most closely related animals to lions are tigers, leopards and jaguars

true, lions are king of the beast.

Simba is the king of the Pridelands, there is no king of all lions. Simba became king because he was teh son of Mufasa who was the previous king.

Lions are very dangerous animals. They are fast so there is no way to get out of a lion chasing you.

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