Why are mountaintops in the Philippines not covered with snow?


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Because Philippines is above the Equator that is directly heated by the sun....:)

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Temp is lower at higher elevations.

In general because its colder up there.

The climate of the Philippines is very warm, and the mountains there are not particularly tall.

Yes, the hyphenated form snow-covered is an adjective, or an adjectival form at least. In the sentence 'the snow covered the sidewalk' it would not be an adjective.

In usual text, snow-covered would probably be hyphenated - otherwise the sentence could be misinterpreted - consider the difference between the concept of "snow-covered mountains" and the sentence "snow covered mountains".

The Philippines are tropical, and unfortunately they do not get snow. Instead, what would be snow hits the warm climate and changes to a cold rain.

That's a really difficult a question. In British English either is equally correct though they can have subtle differenced in meaning which I am finding difficulty explaining. Of course you have the third variant which is "Covered 'in' snow".I'm sure that somebody else can describe it in technical terms. But my understanding as a natural English speaker is....Covered 'by' snow kind of infers that this action has recently occurred.e.g. The parked car was covered by snow.Covered 'with' snow kind of infers that the object has not recently been covered.e.g. The parked car was covered with snow.Covered 'in' snow is kind of descriptive.e.g. The parked car was covered in snow.You know what I don't think it matters, choose one and use it,

The Philippines is a VERY HOT COUNTRY! It is located near the equator so no, the Philippines does not get any snow. Philippines is a tropical country, located above the equator. Because of this, Philippines do not get any snow. There are only two seasons in tropical countries like the Philippines; rainy and sunny.

There is no snow in the Philippines because it is a hot, tropical country that is located near the equator. That plus the lack of any mountains that are high enough to get snow means that it just never gets cold enough for snow in the Philippines.

Snow-clad; snow-covered.

An avalanche is like a rockslide, but on a snow-covered mountain.

Limestone on mountaintops indicates that the area was once on the bottom of the sea. To be found on mountaintops shows that the limestone went through major uplifting.

This was made just for the commercial - It is the Snickers Song.

The same reason there are waterways in every other country! Rain, melting snow on mountaintops, rivers formed from oceans, etc.

I believe that the reason they are covered with snow is because of how high the elevation they have.

It is cold at very high elevations. Most rain originates as snow at high elevation, which then melts before reaching the ground.

About 98% of the continent is covered by an ice sheet. Snow is not as easy to find there as ice.

if a solar panel is covered with snow then it is not getting any light so it will not produce energy

Only high in the mountains and on glaciers does it remain snow covered.

Nevada from the Spanish root word "nieve" meaning "snow."

The Philippines are at a lower latitude and surrounded by a warm ocean, and the elevations aren't as high as Japan. If the temperature doesn't get near freezing, it won't snow.

97% of Antarctica is covered by ice!!!

It means, that area is blanketed or covered with snow. ^_^

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