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Hello. Your breasts could be leaking milk because you are pregnant or because you have a milk duct infection. Do a pregnancy test. If its negative see your doctor about the breast leakage.

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Q: Why are my breasts leaking milk if they are not not sore?
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Your breasts are leaking milk what does that mean?

your pregnant

Will milk leak while the man is fonding her breasts after pregnancy?

Yes there are chances of milk leaking when the breasts are fondled.

Why are your breasts sore and you are ovulating?

Because your milk ducts get bigger.

Why does a girl breast feel sore?

A girls breasts might feel sore for several reasons. If shes starting puberty, her breasts might be growing, which can cause them to be sore. Soreness at a young age is not because of milk production. You only make milk when you have a baby. You could also be sore around your period or if your breasts have cysts, which are little fluid filled sacks. Sometimes these swell near your period which can make your breasts sore. hope that helped. :)

Does leaking breast after pregnancy hurt?

Your breasts will be sore once your milk comes in because you will be very engorged, but the leaking itself doesnt hurt at all. Buy a breast pump it will help with your breasts being engorged and will also help stimulate the milk to come in, keep in mind that when your baby nurses he/she will be able to get ALOT more milk out than you can get out with a breast pump so don't think your milk hasn't come in just because you wont get much from pumping.

Why do your breasts leak?

Some breasts leak every time there is a letdown or milk ejection. Some women don't leak at all. It has to do with the individual anatomy of each breast. Some women leak in the early weeks as their bodies are just beginning to produce lots of milk and then stop leaking. Leaking breasts do not tell you how much milk you are making.

What can you do for leaking breasts?

what can i do to stop leaking breasts im 48 and not pregnant

Breasts lactating not pregnant?

If you are leaking milk from your breasts and you are not pregnant it could be a sign of hormone imbalance or infection. You really should get this checked out by your doctor ASAP

What does it mean when your breast is sore?

It means either your period is coming or your pregnant and your breasts are developing milk slowly .

What are early symptoms of pregnancy?

morning and evening sickness, sore breasts and nipples, tired, breasts get bigger, darkness of aroela and milk ducts are seen

Should your breasts leak while pregnant?

My breasts started leaking at around 7 months. It's your milk ducts getting ready for you to nurse the baby.

How do you know if your lactating?

Your breasts swell. The nipples itch or hurt. There will also be a leaking of a fluid from the nipples, not always resembling milk.

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