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Two and Four Stroke EnginesPartially because of the way things are counted. Up and Down count as two, so it's pretty well impossible to have an odd number. That means the bare minimum is two, i.e. there is a power stroke every time the piston goes up and down. The next practical option is to have a power stroke every other time the piston goes up and down, i.e. the four stroke. The extra two strokes are used to more efficiently clear the exhaust gasses from the cylinder and cut the waste of unburned fuel that escapes to the exhaust system. Nobody has ever figured out a practical reason why you would want to have a power stroke every third time. What would those other strokes accomplish?

wankel made an engine which is now in the Mazda rx8 which is a rotary engine,in which the piston rotates,rather than go up and down

Also a rotary has not got a piston it has a ROTOR that ROTATES around a bore.(like a block in a 4 or 2 Stroke) a rotor has 3 sides that pass a intake port, a sparkplug chamber and an exhaust port.

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Do I need to mix oil in with my gas my Yamaha 350 raptor?

No the raptor is a four stroke you only use mix in two stroke engines.

In two stroke engine Crankshaft how many revolution takes place?

A two stroke engine has half the strokes of an otto (or four stroke) engine, therefore it takes two crankshaft roatations to complete a cycle on a four stroke engine and only one revolution in a two stroke engine. There are several types of two stroke engines, the different types have to do with how the receive the air/fuel mixture, also you have two stroke diesel engines.

How to Choose an Outboard Motor?

Instead of buying a new boat, the best alternative may be simply purchasing a new motor. For those that have fishing boats and other working craft, he or she probably has an outboard motor, which are popular on these particular vessels. Outboard motors can be found in a number of places although it is best to purchase one from an authorized dealer or someone that is trustworthy. The reason for this is that simply outboard motors require special knowledge of engine parts to repair and refurbish. If the proper care and time is not taken for the repair, the motor could fail at the most inopportune time.Four Stroke EnginesThe most popular outboard engines of the present are the quiet and reliable four-stroke engines. These engines have recently made their debut over the last ten years because of their ease of use. Four-stroke engines do not use oil as two-stroke engines do, and they also use less gas than two-stroke engines. Also, the four-stroke engine is much quieter than the noisy two-stroke engine, which makes it far less intrusive for those long trips to the Gulf Stream. The only down-side to four-stroke engines are that they are more expensive than two-stroke engines. Four-stroke engines are also considered safer to purchase from classified advertisements or other places. Four-stroke engines do not require specialized repair personnel for general maintenance and small repairs. A 150 horsepower engine can be found for prices starting at $5000.Two Stroke EnginesTwo-stroke engines are the most traditionally used outboard motor on the market. They incorporate the use of oil in their gas tanks and are said to be able to attain more overall torque than four-stroke engines. Two stroke engines are great engines and can be found re-built for relatively cheap. For instance, $500 will get one a two-stroke outboard motor up to fifty horsepower. The best place to look for two-stroke outdoor motors are at authorized used boat dealers or licensed small engine repair shops. Two-stroke engines are different from other engines and takes one with specialized knowledge to make even the most general repairs.

Does a two stroke engine have only one valve per cylinder?

Some two stroke engines have 4 valves, Detroit Diesel 71 series and 53 series engines for example. Most small 2 stroke engines have no "Valves" at all in the sense of the "POP" valve used in four stroke engines. Some people feel these engine has one valve because the piston acts as the valve covering the ports cut into the cylinder walls.

Why do 2 cycle engines run hotter than 4 cycle?

A two stroke engine fires (an explosion in the motor) twice as often as a four stroke. A stroke is every time the piston in the engine changes direction. (From up to down) A two stroke engine fires every time the piston comes to the top where a four stroke will fire every other time. So if two single cylinder engines are running at 1,000 RPMs a two stroke will fire 1,000 times a four stroke will fire only 500 times. With twice as many explosions it will be hotter.

What mixture do you put in a 4 stroke engine?

Four stroke engines such as lawn mowers etc need only straight fuel. Either leaded or unleaded (depending on age and availability). no oil or other mixing is required

What is the name of the two stroke engine cycle?

I think you are looking for a detailed engineering answer. Common usage is that a two stroke engines is called a two stroke engine. By the way my experience says that two stroke engines only have two strokes and the second one is fatal.

An automotive engines camshaft rotates at?

half the speed of the crankshaft, for a four stroke engine only. The piston travels up and down twice to one cycle of the camshaft.

What is difference between 2stroke and 4 stroke engine?

On a 2 stroke engine, each cylinder fires every time the piston comes up. On a 4 stroke engine, the cylinder only fires every OTHER time the piston comes up. 4 stroke engines have 4 strokes: Intake, compression, power, and exhaust. 2 stroke engines complete these cycles in only two strokes of the piston by use of ports in the cylinder walls. 2 stroke engines usually produce more power for a given weight/size. But, in gasoline engines, 2 stroke engines are typically less efficient (use more gas) and have much higher pollution levels (note: some newer "direct injection" 2 stroke engines do much better on pollution levels than the typical 2 stroke)

Are 2 stroke and 4 stroke the only engines used commercially?

ye it is because they just use stock atvs,dirtbikes,ext

Is a rm 125 2 or 4 stroke?

The Suzuki RM125 is indeed a two stroke. This can be observed by the bulge in the exhaust pipe. This feature is only present on 2-stroke engines.

Difference between the events of four stroke petrol engine and that of a diesel engine?

Diesel engines are still 4-stroke (unless and early Detroit engine which were 2-stroke) only real difference between gas and diesel is fuel delivery and ignition.diesel uses high compression,fuel atomization and heat to fire cylinder,where gas engines need a ignition source.hope info was helpfull.

How do you stroke a womans penis?

Only males have a penis. Therefore it is not possible to "stroke a womans penis".

What is the difference between two and four stroke engines?

In a 4-stroke engine, the steps (strokes) are:Intake stroke: During the intake stroke, the piston goes down from the top of the cylinder to the bottom, reducing the pressure inside the cylinder. It then draws a mixture of fuel and air into the cylinder through the intake port, ready for the compression stroke.Compression stroke: With both intake and exhaust valves closed, the piston goes back up to the top of the cylinder compressing the fuel-air mixture. This is what happens during the compression stroke.Power stroke: The compressed air-fuel mixture is then ignited by a spark. The pressure from the fuel-air mixture combustion drives the piston back down with humongous force, keeping the crankshaft turning. This is the power stroke phase, which is the main source of the engine's torque and power.Exhaust stroke: Finally, during the exhaust stroke, the piston again goes up and pushes the burned gas from the cylinder out the exhaust valve.Something worth mentioning is that the spark plug only fires once every two revolutions in a 4-stroke engine. Unlike the four stroke one, a two stroke engine has three strokes combined into one action, meaning the intake and exhaust are both integrated into the compression movement of the piston, therefore eliminating the need for valves. This is thanks to an inlet and exhaust port integrated into the wall of the combustion chamber.As the piston goes down from combustion, spent gasses are allowed to exit the chamber through the exhaust port. The air-fuel mixture is drawn through an inlet located lower in the chamber. As the piston rises again, it blocks off the inlet and exhaust ports, compressing the gasses at the top of the chamber. The spark plug fires and the process starts over.The spark plug fires on every revolution.=====A two stroke engine can produce twice the amount of power (and makes twice as much noise) than a four stroke engine of the same size. This is because it fires once every revolution, giving it twice the power of a four stroke, which only fires once every other revolution. Significantly, it also has a higher weight-to-power ratio because it is much lighter.Two stroke engines are simpler and cheaper to manufacture compared to four stroke engines because of their simpler design. Four stroke engines are longer lasting than two stroke engines that don't have a dedicated lubricating system. However, the spark plugs in a two stroke engine last longer than those in a four stroke engine.Four stroke engines are more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly when compared to two stroke engines that also create an unpleasant smell. Two stroke engines are responsible for much more pollution due to the combustion of the oil that has to be added to the fuel to lubricate the piston.

Can you run 2 stroke engine oil in a 4 stroke engine?

No, definitely not. If you could, there would only be one oil for both types of engines.

Do planes use four engines?

If a given plane has four engines, they are all used and needed to carry out a normal flight. It is absolutely uncommon to shut down engines inflight. On the ground at taxi-in or taxi-out, one or two engines can be shut down to save some fuel. A four engined aircraft can actually fly on only two engines in some cases (though only if the other engines have failed)

What makes a two stroke engine produce twice as much power as a four stroke?

A 2-stroke engine makes power every2 cycles were a 4-stroke makes power every 4.Hence 2x power. This is absolutely INCORRECT! A two stroke engine develops it's PEAK horse power twice as fast as a four stroke for the reason given but that is it. For a given displacement a four stroke engine will ALWAYS make more torque and horsepower than a two stroke engine of equal displacement. This is due to the fact that a four stroke engine cleans the cylinder of contaminated (exhaust) air, compresses the air/fuel to a more efficient level, and draws a cleaner air/fuel mixture into the cylinder as there is no slow burning, air/fuel mixture contaminating oil mixed in the combustion charge. I have over forty years experience working on engines, and can tell you, the ONLY reason two stroke engines have lasted this long, is due to the fact that they weigh less than an equivalent horsepower four stroke engine. If they DID develop more horsepower, the four stroke would not have become the standard internal combustion engine used in transportation, generators, air compressors and the like.

What is a 2 cycle engine?

As the name suggests a two stroke engine achieves in two strokes what a four stroke engine achieves in four strokes.There are four stages in the cycle of both engines. These are;InductionCompressionPowerExhaustIn a four stroke engine these are separated into individual strokes of the piston.In a two stroke engine they are combined into 2 strokes as opposed to four by arranging ports and valves in a certain manner.Two stroke engines are generally lighter than four stroke and run at a higher speed. Though this is not always the caseThe two-stroke engine uses fixed intake and exhaust ports which are covered/uncovered by the up-and-down motion of the piston. The piston has only two strokes to a cycle, compression and power, the intake and exhaust being taken care of by the normal motion of the piston. Two stroke engines does not have an oil sump and an oil pump, their lubrication needs are met by the oil being mixed with the gasoline. Therein is their inherent problem: They are very pollutive. Their advantage is a tremendous amount of power-per-pound, as much as 80% more than a four stroke engine of comparable horsepower. There most common use in in applications where a maximum amount of power is needed in the smallest and lightest package, such as chain saws and outboard boat motors.

Why is volumetric efficiency measured only for 4 stroke engines and not for 2 stroke engines?

The volumetric efficiency of an engine ( It's ability to breathe ) can be found by finding it's C.I.D. the mathematical formula for Cubic inch displacement is "Bore x Bore x Stroke x .7854 x The # of cylinders".

Why three stroke engine not possible?

a stroke is a half rotation of a crankshaft. a three stroke would finish would only be 1 1/2 revolutions.

Does all the engines have a drain out?

Only wet sump engines have drain holes. Two strokes and four strokes with oil tanks do not, they are dry sump engines.

Is the piston on a 4 stroke bigger than stroke 2?

Neither a four stroke nor a two stroke have a bigger piston. It all depends on the size of the engine and how it is built. A 250 four stroke will have the same sized piston that a 250 two stroke would if the bore size is the same. Cc is calculated by bore x stroke (how far up and down the piston moves) so if a 250 four stroke has a stroke of 3.00 inches and a 250 2 stroke has a stroke of 3.00 the piston will be the same size. The only difference between a 2 stroke and four stroke is how the engine works. A 2 stroke has reed valves and it makes power every time the piston goes up but a four stroke it makes power every 4 times the piston goes up.

Do you mix gas and oil for a Honda crf70f 2004 or use only gas?

it is a four stroke engine. gas only. use four stroke motorcycle oil when you change oil in the crankcase. clean air filter also.

What are difference between aircraft A300 and A380?

The A380 is much larger and has four engines, while the A300 has only two engines.

Why volumetric efficiency is used in four stroke engines only not for two stroke?

Volumetric efficiency is a figure associated with every engine, 2 stroke, rotary, 6 stroke, etc. it isn't as common to see VE used in 2-stroke topics because most builders these days use figures that are more useful for the tasks at hand. Volumetric efficiency is almost an implied thought or a sub-conscious topic; more of a task than a means.