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Why are only two stroke and four stroke engines possible?

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"Two_and_Four_Stroke_Engines" id="Two_and_Four_Stroke_Engines">Two

and Four Stroke Engines

Partially because of the way things are counted. Up and Down count

as two, so it's pretty well impossible to have an odd number. That

means the bare minimum is two, i.e. there is a power stroke every

time the piston goes up and down. The next practical option is to

have a power stroke every other time the piston goes up and down,

i.e. the four stroke. The extra two strokes are used to more

efficiently clear the exhaust gasses from the cylinder and cut the

waste of unburned fuel that escapes to the exhaust system. Nobody

has ever figured out a practical reason why you would want to have

a power stroke every third time. What would those other strokes


wankel made an engine which is now in the Mazda rx8 which is a

rotary engine,in which the piston rotates,rather than go up and


Also a rotary has not got a piston it has a ROTOR that ROTATES

around a bore.(like a block in a 4 or 2 Stroke) a rotor has 3 sides

that pass a intake port, a sparkplug chamber and an exhaust


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