Why are people so serious about different things?

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I dont have answer for that, but we should all learn to take a load off and relax
If we cant do that then we can live life to its full extent oh and one more thing ARSENAL RULES!!(soccer team in the BPL)
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Why do people laugh at different things?

People perceive things in different ways depending on their point of reference. For example: If you grow up around sports minded people, sports jokes are funny. If sports don't really mean anything to you, those same jokes would not make you laugh. If you are an avid reader of the newspaper, you are ( Full Answer )

Why do people put so much emphasis on old things?

Today many things are made to be used and thrown away so they are not made as well as they once were. "Old things" have a value because they are from our past and have a history to them. Some remind people of their childhood ( dolls, trucks, games) while others show the workmanship of the people who ( Full Answer )

Why is natsume so serious?

I think because people fear him because of his Alice he is in the dangerous ability class so that's why sorry if i still didn't answer your questions.

How do you say 'why so serious' in Irish?

(answer from 0016976123) To say the words 'why so serious' in the Irish language you say 'a chomh tromchuiseach'. In Latin you say these words as 'ceterum ut illis quae'. (Answer from Llyr_ab_Alun) Cén fáth a bhfuil tú chomh dáirire?

Why are you so serious?

We do our best to not have any fun because we are aliens that are attempting to destroy the world and feed it to a black hole

Why are kidney problems so serious?

When the kidneys become damaged, waste products and fluid can buildup in the body, causing swelling in your ankles, vomiting,weakness, poor sleep, and shortness of breath. If left untreated,diseased kidneys may eventually stop functioning completely. Lossof kidney function is a serious and potential ( Full Answer )

Why was Kai so serious in Beyblade?

Kai is very serious in Beyblade because of his childhood. He was very close to his father who just happened to enjoy making Beyblades for children. This fascinated the young Kai and from this grew his love for Beyblade. However, when his grandfather found out about his father making "silly toys" he ( Full Answer )

Why are people so serious?

People are serious (sometimes) because they either want to get a good job or they just want to be polite and sophisticated. WHO WOULD WANT TO BE POLITE AND SOPHISTICATED!!! lol that's just my opinion

Why is HIV so serious?

It disables your immune system. That means that something like the common cold can be fatal for someone with HIV.

How serious are the people who answer these questions?

Most of us are very serious about our answers. However - there willalways be a tiny minority of users who are simply here to disruptan otherwise very useful source of information. The vandal patrolteam works tirelessly to minimise that disruption whereverpossible.

Why do bobcats act so serious?

Most predators in the wild must be serious since their survival depends on them being alert and able to find and catch prey. There are times when they, too, will play, however. Usually the younger ones play to learn and mimic the hunting behavior of the adults and sometimes you will see the older on ( Full Answer )

Why do Chinese people sell things so cheap?

There culture is dead since the red book and they are rude and do not bland well into the canadian blend . They do not want people other than the Chinese origin to date there sos ore daughters . WHY MOVE HERE T

What are some serious and non serious beliefs that people have?

Serious: That an imaginary sky wizard omnipotent and omnipresent. He reads your thoughts, answers prayers, and intervenes with miracles. He loves and cares for you so much he sacrificed his only son to give you a chance to redeem your sins. . Not serious: This same wizard watches and allows 16,000 ( Full Answer )

Why is child abuse so serious?

Because your hurting an innocent child! Children can be abused and can be killed or really hurt. Then if they grow up they can hurt their children.Those children don't deserve to get hurted or killed but they still do.Their lives can be taken away just because the child isn't perfect.No One Is Perfe ( Full Answer )

How is Darry so serious?

there is no definite reason. but it is infered because the boys' parents died.. and darry had to take charge and be responsible for ponyboy and sodapop

Can a hamster have diarrhea be a serious thing?

Yes, as hamsters can become dehydrated very quickly due to diarrhea; watery diarrhea can be fatal to a hamster within 48 hours. You should take your hamster to the vet as soon as possible.

How are the Amish people so different from much of the people in the US?

This question, is more of point of view perspective, open to much debate. But in reality as far as living conditions, they live much like any one else. As far as religiously, they believe much same beliefs. As far behavior and morality, they are humans making same mistakes and wrong choices ( Full Answer )

Are seizures a serious thing to worry about?

If someone is having recurring seizures, they have epilepsy. There are many forms of epilepsy and many types of seizure. So it will depend on many factors, like what kind of seizures that someone gets, how strong they are and how regular they are. Most people with epilepsy are on medication to help ( Full Answer )

Why are people afraid of different things?

They're afraid to take risks. you see, many people have this little bubble. And everything that goes on inside that little bubble of theirs is the norm. The usual, the simple things that they can deal with. If that bubble pops, and something too different comes their way, they get scared because now ( Full Answer )

Does lightning mean different things to different people?

Yes, to a golfer, pilot, wilderness hiker, camper or a sailor, lightning represents possible danger -- seek safe shelter or alter course accordingly. But to an observer sitting in his hi-rise living room and looking out the window it is a thing of wondrous beauty -- the raw power of nature -- no th ( Full Answer )

Why do people buy so many things they want but do not need?

Oddly enough, this is not a question of economics. It's a philosophical issue, and as with a great majority of questions that begin with the word "why", it is important that we dispense with what is meant by "why" in this case. If motive is the intended meaning, some people buy things they do not ( Full Answer )

Why is Batman so serious?

Probably because he saw his parents murdered right in front of his eyes and at the time, he could not do anything about it

Who sings why so serious?

If you are asking about the opening theme from Batman - The Dark Knight it was composed by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard.

Why was Eisenhower so serious?

Eisenhower was so serious because he had been taught that way through his years of service in the army.

Why is it so hard to get along with difference people?

well they're different. so you two might not be interested in the same things. so it might be harder to try to talk to them because you don't know what to talk about. they might have different views on things and you might not agree with them.

Why are living things so different from each other?

Because they've all evolved adaptively to different environments and different roles in those environments. Perhaps a better explanation would be that God had a hand in the creation of everything and He likes lots of variety.

Can financial success mean different things to different people?

Absolutely. Different people have different standards of financial success. For example, some people may think having 1 million dollars is a success while other aspire to be a billionaire. Also, different people measure financial success differently. For instance, some people think that being debt-f ( Full Answer )

Why are people so afraid of things they do not understand?

Because they have been lied to so many times they no longer trust the people that they should be in a position to trust. Also, people with hidden agendas, such as oil companies, could have and have had people on their payroll specifically to disseminate false or misleading information, another form ( Full Answer )

Why are the people who post things so lazy at math?

The expected return from completing the problem may seem low and the cost of having someone else do it via answers.com is nearly zero (excluding the opportunity cost of time), so the expected profit is likely positive.

Why do people in different countries wear different things?

People wear different clothes due to differences in climate and the natural resources they have with which to make them. The colours and decorations will also vary due to the variety of cultures, beliefs and society.

Does justice mean different thing to different people?

Yes it does. Everybody has their owns views, beliefs and experiences of the world and this leads them to have their own feelings and thoughts towards Justice. Justice is defined as to act or treat justly or fairly. But, where everyone's opinions differ is on what exactly is just and fair. Some pe ( Full Answer )

Why is eminem so serious now?

Cuz hes older now, and has had his fun already - oh and has too much pane. I LOVE EMINEM:)

Will every country in the world accept gays and lesbian's and if not what happens if you accidentally go there because it is a serious thing for gay people to know so they do not make a mistake?

Many places in the world have religious bans against the gay and lesbian community , so it is up to the person going into one of those countries to know what they can or can not do. All people who travel need to be culturally aware of the places they visit and to respect the culture they visit.

Why would your outgoing guy friend who does weird things like making weird faces around his friends all the time be so serious and normal and different towards you?

In my experience, I'd say that he feels as though he can be serious with you. He may feel like he has to be the clown for everyone, but for whatever reason, he doesn't feel the need to put on a show for you. I'm not saying he has a crush on you. What I mean is, he trusts you. He feels as though ( Full Answer )

What are three things that make people want different things?

Three things that make people want different things might include the person's nature or upbringing, his or her socioeconomic status, and the person's education level. People with varied levels of education often find different things important in their lives.

Why are people are so different from one another?

Although e very person shares 99.9...%of their genetic coding. thatsmall difference is what makes each person. The 99.9...% thateveryone shares can be accounted for things like the strucutre ofyour body, construction of proteins, your anatomy, etc. People inyour famaly have more genes in common. In ( Full Answer )

What makes incontinence so serious?

Incontinence becomes serious especially among elderly people.Elderly person might find this more challenging due possibility oflimited mobility. Also it is not always possible to medicallyaddress this issue among elders; hence the best would be resort toincontinence protection products like diapers. ( Full Answer )