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Because over 6,000,000 people were killed just because of their heritage. With the possible exception of the actions of Sadam in Iraq, it was the worst form of racism ever imagined. And to make it worse, it was tolerated by an entire nation of people who had somehow been convinced that it was an acceptable thing to do.

Hate and intolerance can lead to genocide. The message is for us all to learn to get along, yet the hate and intolerance are still in existence in the Middle East, in the streets of Europe and the far east, and here, in the United States. In the Middle East, Arabs want to drive the Jews into the sea and have vowed that they will never allow peace in the middle east until every Jew is dead. In Europe, there are places where Indian and Pakistani residents are not safe because of the hatred. In Japan it is entirely acceptable to take advantage of anyone who is less than full-blooded Japanese. In the United States it's common for some blacks to hate whites and claim that it's "Just", because of everything that happened to them in the past. It's common for some whites to hate blacks because of some imagined flaw.

We have not forgotten the lesson that should have been learned during the Holocaust. It isn't ok to hate anyone based on the color of their skin or where they go to worship.

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Q: Why are people told never to forget the Holocaust?
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Many Jewish people were too traumatized even to mention the Holocaust and what they had gone through, but when some of them heard people say that the holocaust never happened they overcame theri traumas and told their stories, or of the stories of their families.

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Because they were there; they saw the horrors of death camps and labor camps. If you had had to watch your familiy suffer and die, would you want to be told you were imagining it? Just imagine being told that your and your family's sufferings are a figment of the imagination! Holocaust deniers aren't genuine historians trying to establish the truth; instead, they are Jew baiters trying to mock the murdered dead, the survivors and their descendants. They are also trying to rehabilitate the Nazis. Holocaust surviors know what they had went through for several days, months, and years. These holocaust survivors went through too much to be told that Adolf Hitler never killed any Jews and never tortured them.

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