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The chemistry of the battery. Everything chemical has a certain electric potential. The battery voltage is the difference between these two potentials. The classical chemicals for batteries was carbon and zinc, which produce 1.5 V. Rechargables, which are based on nickel and cadmium or nickel and hydrogen, produce 1.2 V. The lead acid cells in your car battery, on the other hand, produce 2 V, and some lithium chemistries produce 3 V.

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What are the benefits of using a NiMh battery instead of an alkaline battery?

NiMh batteries perform better in high discharge devices (like digital cameras) than alkaline batteries. They are also rechargeable, unlike alkaline batteries.

What is inside of expensive batteries last longer than cheaper batteries?

the most common non rechargeable battery is alkaline batteries. the more expensive batteries contain more lithium. the lithium batteries last a lot longer. you can also buy heavy duty batteries. although it sounds like they should last longer..they don't. heavy duty batteries are actually a step down from alkaline.

How can you recharge AAA batteries?

You can purchase a battery charger with rechargeable batteries in the battery section of stores like CVS or Walmart. Remember that you can only use rechargeable batteries in a battery charger.

Are energizer rechargeable batteries worth it.?

Energizer rechargeable batteries are like some of the top brands and are usually long lasting in which they should work just like the regular brands do too.

How reliable are Duracell batteries?

Duracell rechargeable batteries are reliable, but like any brand of batteries, the life will depend on how the batteries are used, maintained, and stored. Rechargeable batteries do not have as long a shelf life as most other batteries, so they do have to be maintained. With proper care the Duracell rechargeable batteries will give you many hours of camera use, but it is always wise to carry extras.

How is electricity made by non-rechargeable batteries?

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Where can I get video camera batteries?

Several battery types are good for use in video cameras. Most people just use alkaline batteries, but others prefer more specialized types. Some people like rechargeable batteries because they save money, while other use alkaline specifically enhanced for cameras and other technological gadgets (Eg. Energizer Lithium).

Do you recycle batteries?

alkaline batteries or other non rechargeables can be thrown away. anything rechargeable needs to be recycled. some states like California requires alkalines to be recycled.. something you might wanna check into first before you throw yours away.

What is the difference between alkaline and nickel batteries?

nickel batteries use Nickel as the metal were the electrons come from. Alkaline will use a first group element (like lithium).

Is a rechargeable battery environmental friendly?

Rechargeable batteries are considered environmentally friendly because although they still contain metals and chemicals that are toxic, they are good for the environment compared to non-rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries often last hundreds of times longer, meaning that less waste is produced and less resources have to be used to replace them. Also, most other environmentally friendly devices such as solar panels require rechargeable batteries in order to function. Since solar energy is not available all the time (like at night) the power must be stored in a battery, which of course has to be rechargeable. "Environmentally friendly" cars such as hybrids and fully electrical cars rely on rechargeable batteries as an alternative to fossil fuels. Basically, rechargeable batteries cut down on waste and resources needed while making other environmentally friendly devices possible.

Can a person refurbish batteries for cordless tools?

Most rechargeable batteries for cordless tools can be replaced or rebuilt at some hardware stores or retail store like "Batteries Plus".

What alkaline products can be found around the house?

Batteries and also most cleaners like oven cleaners and soap contain alkaline.

Are Duracell or Energizer rechargeable batteries more effective?

Engergizer batteries are more effective in heavily used products, like wii remotes and digital cameras

What is some examples of direct current?

The current that comes out of a battery - a car battery, or a dry cell like the ones used for flashlights, remote controls, etc., or the rechargeable batteries used for cell phones.The current that comes out of a battery - a car battery, or a dry cell like the ones used for flashlights, remote controls, etc., or the rechargeable batteries used for cell phones.The current that comes out of a battery - a car battery, or a dry cell like the ones used for flashlights, remote controls, etc., or the rechargeable batteries used for cell phones.The current that comes out of a battery - a car battery, or a dry cell like the ones used for flashlights, remote controls, etc., or the rechargeable batteries used for cell phones.

Can you use regular batteries in solar lights or should they be rechargeable?

Yes you can use regular batteries in solar lights but it won't work on some solar lights like the inwood solar lights but some inwood solar lights can run on regular batteries. But some solar lights can only work on rechargeable batteries and come on at dusk and off at dawn or after six hours.

What kind of batteries are NIMH batteries?

NIHM stands for nickel metal hydride battery. The NIHM batteries are similar to other types of rechargeable batteries like the more common nickel-cadmium NiCd types but with much more charge capacity.

Can you use alkaline batteries in a lithium flashlight?

it depends of the type of lithium batteries being replaced, and the type of alkaline batteries that you have. The different types of alkaline batteries; AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, etc., are all 1.5 V. There's also 9 V and 4.5 V blocks. But, there are many different kinds of lithium batteries, like lithium-ion, lithium-poli, and lithium-ferro, and they all come in different voltages.

are rechargable batteries safe?

Rechargeable batteries are known to cause fires in some instances. And, while it seems like they are more convenient, they don't seem to hold a charge for very long.

What is the Top selling brand of batteries in USA as of 2009?

Today, the best rechargeable batteries are the new hybrid Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) cells. These hybrid batteries have a lot going for them: they come fully charged (like alkaline batteries), and they can hold their charge over may months (unlike regular Ni-MH rechargeables). Because they can hold their charge for so long, they are suitable for low-drain devices like remote controls and flashlights. But they are also ideal for use in high-drain electronic devices like digital cameras.

Can you use a rechargeable NiMH battery in a wireless mouse?

yesYou can use a NiMH battery in just about any application you would use a normal alkaline battery. However, NiMH batteries do not perform well in low energy applications - they are designed for use in high energy devices like digital cameras. For things like clocks, standard alkaline batteries are better suited.In my personal experience, the NiMH and NiCd batteries did not perform as well in my wireless LASER mouse. Alkaline batteries performed a whole lot better. The problem is that NiMH and NiCd have relatively high "self discharge" rates; that is, while they are not in use, they will loose their charge over a fairly short time as opposed to alkaline batteries which loose their charge at a much smaller rate and over a much, much longer period. Also of consideration is the fact that rechargeables (NiMH & NiCd) produce 1.2v at full charge (NiMH can achieve 1.4v, but for very short time) whereas alkaline batteries are 1.5v. This 0.3v can be a problem with some electronic devices. 9V rechargeables only deliver 7.2v.

What are GP NIMH batteries and where can they be used How much do they cost?

GP NIMH batteries are popularly formatted and created in Hong Kong. They are a type of rechargeable battery, and can be found from sellers like the company Sanyo.

Do they sell rechargeable battries for the ride board?

Outside of third party developers like say "MadKatz" might be working on one but i think just plain old rechargeable batteries are the only thing out there right now.

How do you change the batteries in a brookstone mini speaker?

It's rechargeable so there's no need to change the batteries. The speaker comes with a usb adapter. Plug it into your computer and it will charge itself, just like an ipod. = )

Can hydrochloric acid be used in battery?

Depends on your battery. In a lead-acid battery, like a 12V you find in most cars, sulfuric acid is used because hydrochloric acid will not form Pb304 (lead oxide). Pencil batteries are alkaline batteries and use a base instead of acid. However some batteries might accept HCL, just not most.

Are there different types of D battery?

Generally speaking yes, depending on how you define things. There are consumer D batteries (they look like all normal batteries) then there are "Tabbed" batteries, these have tabs on the end to be soldered into equipment (normally rechargeable). Batteries are also made up of different chemical types, and have different amp hour ratings; A D-type alkaline cell is normally 12,000 mAh, while zinc-carbon, also described as heavy duty or super heavy duty types, have about half that.