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Some men are not used to being the 'caregiver' in the relationship. They don't get it that they need to step in and take a little more responsibility. Women are the ones who take care of everything (mostly because we want it done our way), and probably even when we are sick or hurt, we still carry on our duties as if we weren't sick at all and just bear it. When the men are sick since they become nagging 2 year olds, they would understand, appreciate and LEARN that you are able to take care of them and STILL take care of the household. So you would think that when it happens to you, they would step in and do a little more emotionally and physically. NOT Try talking to your man, and communicate to him that you need some help. Wether it's getting a cold rag for your head, or doing the dishes. Most likely he will do what you ask and learn for next time. He will come around.

AnswerIt's called being men.


He cares more of himself than of you.

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Q: Why are some men not very attentive or caring or sensitive when their women are hurt or sick?
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