Why are some people selfish?

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Some people are immature and revengful. It's a sad truth but it actually IS a cruel world. Ever heard of the phrase "to each their own"? That's probably where it came from. I know it sounds negative and I don't want to become like my dad who was like that often so you should see the bright side of things. You should always do that no matter what anyway. Whether they don't want to share is their choice. They don't have to offer to help you because of their free will but I'm telling you as well that karma works! So look out for that.
people are selfish because they don't think about other people, these people have no feelings for others AT ALL.

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Are people with aspergers syndrome selfish?

some are, but not all

Isn't that ironic that selfish people think they are loved by everyone but no one love selfish people?

What a selfish thing to say!

Why are people killing manatees?

because they are slow and SOME people think they are aggravating.

Who is not self fish?

when you are selfish you want everything when you are not selfish you give people things

How long have people been killing elephants for your selfish needs?

People have never killed elephants for my selfish needs.

Are alcoholics selfish people even when sober?

Certainly some are. It is often a condition of the illness. But not all.

Are people naturally selfish?


Are people who suicide selfish or not?

Not necessarily

Can you give me a sentence using the word selfish?

once there was this girl that was so selfish to all people

What makes people so selfish?

their power and how much money they got will affect how selfish people are. also, how they were raised when they were children. if they were spoild they tend to be more selfish. if they had to work to get what they want, they learn how to be independent and caring.

Why Mexico was colonized?

because the people was selfish.

People who hate sharing are called?


How can some people be so heartless?

The main reason why some individuals are heartless is they are selfish. Other reason: ego-maniacal; narcissistic; selfish and has a 'me attitude.' Although they hurt the people they come in touch with it is the heartless person that pay the price in the end. Some of these people have never really been hurt before. Maybe once they feel that pain themselves, they may change.

How do you use the word selfish in a sentence?

Tom stop being so selfish and save some cookies for me!

Is a cat a selfish animal?

some cats are mean and some are not

Why do people use animals for their own selfish reasons?

Easy. Because their selfish and don't care about anyone or anything but their self.

Why are people so selfish to the point where they won't tell me about preservation of African national parks?

I'd tell you but I'm selfish.

What is the meaning of selfish lot?

When someone says that they've found a selfish lot it means that they've found a group of selfish people. This is a phrase often used to describe a group of enemies.

How do you ignore old people?

That's mean and selfish!

Why do people hunt squirrels?

Because we are cruel and selfish

Why do people use people for religion?

People use other people because they are selfish and think only of themselves. Religion has little to do with it--selfish people would justify their use of others by any means they thought would work.

If you are selfish does this mean you necessarily have disregard for others?

I am selfish but this does not what you say? I always help the other if they need me No being selfish does not mean that you don't care about the well being of others as a matter of fact it would be in your own interest to have the people around you happy as then they will make life happier and better for you. There are selfish people that care about and there are those that don't.

Is Adam Sandler the most selfish man alive?

no.he's a funny guy and if he's graciousness enough to share his humor with people then he an't be selfish...loo for the good in people

Why are people becoming more selfish nowadays?

first of all we should understand the meaning of SELFISH. 'slefishness', i think comes from the person's point of view..... saying that someone is selfish does not make him a selfish being...isn't it? to come to the question... i would like to say that it si not people who are becoming more is us who's point of views(perspectives) are changing. people have evolved with time and so did their thoughts, we want at any cost to name everythng,qualify each being. we should take some time out and think if ever it is not our way of thinking that is changing. are we not viewing life form the wrong end of the telescope....

Why are people so selfish?

It's just the human nature. People are selfish mainly from fear. They are afraid that they won't have enough, or that they will miss something important, or that other people won't like them if they don't have a certain thing.