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People that are shy usually fall into the 2 categories

1. Genetics. They have this passed onto their parents are are naturally shy. I believe anyone can overcome shyness though with hard work and persistence.

2. Negative Experience. A person may have experienced some embarrassing moment earlier in their life which has led them to behave the way they are now.

There are obviously other reasons why people are shy but they are tend to fall into one of the above categories.

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they don't talk to shy people because they are not use to the body language used in the conversation

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Because when someone likes someone they get nervous and dont want to do something wrong because they want the person to like them.

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Q: Why are some people shy?
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Why is a person shy?

Why not being shy. Some people are more talkative, some people are more quieter, people have different personalities.

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Some people are shy because they don't know you. You don't even know them.

Do you like shy people?

I like shy people and am drawn to them (I'm shy myself so I am a little biased!), although some people may be put off by them. If you're shy or introverted a good book is "The Loner Manifesto".

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yeah some do like me.... i have a really shy kid in my class..... but anyways it depends on how shy u are some people might not think ur shy but might think your not friendly or something.......

Is it possible to enjoy feeling shy?

for some people it might, but some people like power and confidence

How do you get people to like you if you are shy?

Find people who like shy people.

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Shy People was created in 1987.

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