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Why are some people weird?


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July 22, 2013 1:02AM

Some people don't like other people and pick on them, single them out. These 'bullies' are also called 'weird'. Because the bullies are sad people being 'weird' seems to make them feel better. Some people just like to 'weird' and others are just born like it. Please respect if someone is finding something difficult or acting strange, and help them to become a more natural human being like yourself. If you are always finding it hard to make friends and some people are calling you weird then why not look at someone who's really confident and makes friends easily and copy their behavior. You might find your friendship stronger or bigger. Some people say that weird people are just not worth it, but really, they are. Please help someone like me today, now.

Thank you.

For a lot of people it comes from a lack of social interaction, for instance those who live in the country may sometimes seem a little different to those from the city they may act defensive or paranoid depending on the degree of their social interaction. Human behaviour will often improve with the more contact with others he or she has. How ever those thought of as weird are sometimes singled out in society and so they can not interact properly with others and may change their behaviour for the worse in an attempt to fit in. Some simply act odd in an attempt to annoy others for their own personal amusement which is often common in children
People are different based on the way you see them. For example, you might see that someone likes math and is a nerd, or their personalities might reflect onto you as talkative. Everyone is different.