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Why are sound waves not considered a mechanical wave?


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Sound waves are mechanical waves. They require a medium through which to travel.

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No. Sound waves are mechanical waves.

Longitudinal wave is not electromagnetic. Sound wave is an example. Sound waves are mechanical waves. Mechanical waves badly need a material medium

Non mechanical waves are Eletro magnetic waves. We can devide 2 waves. 1 is mechanical waves & 2 is electromagnetic waves. For example Sound is a mechanical wave & Light is an electromagnetic wave.

Mechanical waves are waves that require a medium in which to travel, i.e., a solid or fluid. As sound needs a medium to travel, sound is a mechanical wave.

sound waves are called mechanical waves because they need material medium for propagation of wave

Both involve mechanical waves. The P waves generated in earthquakes can actually be considered to be extremely low frequency sound waves.

Yes, a sound wave is a mechanical wave. Sound waves need a medium (like air) to travel through. The energy of the wave, the mechanical energy, is transferred into the medium through which it is propagated.

Sound waves are:Mechanical WavesLongitudinal WavesPressure WavesCompression WavesSound waves are mechanical waves since they must travel through a medium such as air, water, or solids in order to be heard. Sound waves cannot move through a vacuum.

No; sound is a mechanical wave, infrared is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Yes. Sound wave is a mechanical wave and needs a medium.

Light waves are eletromagnetic waves and sound waves are mechanical waves. Additionally, a light wave is a transverse wave that does not require a medium through which to travel. Sound waves, on the other hand, are longitudinal waves where the source transfers the mechanical energy of the sound wave into the medium so it can travel.

Sound waves are mechanical waves and all mechanical waves require a material medium for its propagation unlike electromagnectic waves

No. At least in a gas and liquid, mechanical waves, including sound, can only propagate as longitudinal waves.

Sound is a mechanical wave.Light is an electromagnetic wave.

No. Sound and ocean waves are.

Basically, "mechanical wave" means that the wave involves actual movement of matter - as in a water wave or sound wave - as opposed to waves that consist of electrical currents, or electromagnetic waves.

Sound is a mechanical wave, and mechanical waves need something to travel through.

Nothing. Sound waves are mechanical waves and light waves are electromagnetic waves. The two do not affect each other. Note that electromagnetic waves do not require a medium through which to travel. Sound waves (or any other mechanical waves) require a medium for transmission. And the medium through which a mechanical wave travels will affect an electromagnetic wave.

Yes, sound energy travels in waves. Sound is a mechanical wave, and it travels through solids, liquids and gases as a longitudinal wave.

Mechanical waves require a medium (substance) to travel in, other waves do not. For example, sound is a mechanical wave and require a medium (air, water, etc.), light is not a mechanical wave and does not require a medium

A mechanical wave is any wave pattern that results from one or many forces. A mechanical wave can be a transverse wave, such as seen on a violin string, or a longditudinal wave, such as sound waves.

Sound waves are mechanical waves because they require a medium for their propagation .They are also called longitudinal mechanics because they vibrate in the direction of propagation of wave and and produces compression and vibrations like that of longitudinal waves

Mechanical waves are destined to have a material medium so as to get propagated through. Sound waves are mechanical waves where as light wave is not so. It is electromagnetic in nature

Sound is a longitudinal wave, as is any other mechanical wave. Light is a transversal wave, as all other Elektromagnetic waves.

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