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Your stomach cells are exposed to the harsh stomach acids, if they were not replaced as rapidly as they are the stomach acid would not be able to be contained thus digesting itself and exposing the rest of your body to the acid.

As for the red blood cells our body can only replace about 1% of them per day, essentially there are around 20-30 trillion red blood cells in your body, replacing 200-300 billion cells that are so vital is no easy task. But its easy to assume that only a fraction are replaced every day to use each cell to its fullest life before recycling it.

On a side note every 7 years your a totally new you with 100% new cells.

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What part of the blood is replaced every three to four months?

your blood cells

What part of the blood is replaced every 3-4 months?

Red blood cells

How long do stomach lining cells live?

Well, you actually have mucus lining your stomach, but that lining is replaced every couple of weeks.

Where do more red blood cells come from in your body?

Blood cells are made in the bone marrow or stem cells of your body. The stem cells become red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Red blood cells are replaced every 120 days, platelets every 6-7 days and white blood cells everyday.

How many cells are being replaced in your body every day?

For starters, one million red blood cells are removed and replaced each second.

Does stomach need blood?

Of course it does every organ need blood to provide the cells within it with oxygen and nutrients

How fast does blood replace itself?

Red blood cells are replaced within the body every 90-120 days.

How often do blood cells die?

Red blood cells are dying out completely at the rate of 2-3 million everysecond, and being replaced just as fast!

What would happen if you lost a few red blood cells?

One loses 'a few red blood cells' every minute. They wear out, or bleed out, etc., and are replaced.

How often do you get a new stomach lining?

The stomach lining is replaced continuously, and it is completely replaced approximately every 3 days.

What is the average number of red blood cells for every 100 white blood cells in the human body?

There are 500 white blood cells to every 1000 red blood cells (or you could say there is double the amount of red blood cells). The answer would be 200 red blood cells for every 100 white blood cells.

Which part of the body is replaced most quickly?

The lining of your stomach is replaced every three days due to the low pH of your stomach acids.

Is it true that all cells in a living organism have to be replaced everyday?

No. Most cells are replaced eventually, but not all cells every day.

How many red blood cells are replaced every day?

Somewhere between 1 and 3 % are replaced every day (normally closer to 1%), You have about 25 trillion rbc So approximately 250 billion.

Why doesn't stomach acid eat through the stomach?

In the stomach there are gastric pits. An individual pit contains surface mucous cells and mucous neck cells, which secrete a coat of mucus and bicarbonate throughout the stomach. The Parietal cells (aka oxyntic cells), which are deeper within the pit, also produce bicarbonate.(parietal cells are also the ones who produce HCl) The bicarbonate is secreted into the blood stream and as the blood vessels carry the bicarbonate away some of it diffuses from the blood vessel into the mucus coat. This mucous coat containing bicarbonate is thus able to protect the inside of the stomach from the HCl. It's just like a lining in the stomach which is replaced every so often More simply put, cells in the stomach secrete mucus and a base, bicarbonate. This mucus coat containing the base is able to neutralize the acid secreted by another group of cells. The stomach contents is acidic, but the acid is neutralized by the mucus if the acid trys to come in contact with the cells of the stomach. violingal is the author=-] add her if read.

Does every part of the body have red blood cells?

As the name says, red blood cells are found in the blood. If there is blood there, there is red blood cells.

For every white blood cells how many red blood cells?

There is one white blood cell for every 600 - 700 red blood cell

How many white blood cells exist for every 650 red blood cells?

The blood count of the human body is comprised of two types of cells, red and white. For every 650 red blood cells there is one white blood cell.

How many red blood cells die every second?

Every second two million red blood cells die.

How often are cells replaced in your body?

Every 25 seconds

How many red blood cells does and adult human have?

for every 700 red blood cells there is one white blood cell. The 45 percentage of blood is red blood cells.

Why organeles are not present in blood?

On the contrary, organelles are present in the blood. Blood cells are cells. All cells have organelles as they are what allow the cell to carry out its every functions.

Is it that every 5 seconds 10 million red blood cells die and get replaced or white blood cells?

Well theres more red blood cells than white, and the life span of a red blood cells is about 120 days and yes billions of rbcs are destroyed and produced each day.. its about 2 million per second so yeah 10 million every 5 seconds are destroyed, but 2 million are also produced.. pretty cool huh?

Does the root hair cell have a nucleus?

yes all cells do except for red blood cells as they don't need them. they hold their DNA in other parts of the cell. This means that these cells don't live as long as others do. red blood cells are replaced every 3-4 days. root hair cells do have a nucleus there for last much longer.

Does metabolic turnover replace red blood cells every 120 days?

Yes, red blood cells are recycled every 100-120 days.