Why are strawberries good to use in a DNA extraction experiment?

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Strawberries are good to use in a DNA extraction experiment because they have 8 times the amount of DNA than the average cell.
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What is the difference between the strawberry DNA extraction procedure and the human DNA extraction procedure?

There are several differences. First, you use different materialsto conduct each proceedure. With plants, you need baking soda, withhuman DNA you do not. Also, with human DNA

What makes a ripe strawberry a good choice for DNA extraction?

A ripe strawberry has several million tender cells with delicate cell membranes. These cell membranes break easily. Since one of the first steps of DNA isolation is to break
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Why are bananas used in DNA extraction?

Maybe because bananas are annual kind of plant, which means they can survive in all year round in both rainy season and summer season and it's easy to produce unlike to the ot
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Why is strawberry DNA easier to extract?

It is a polyploid fruit i.e. it has several sets of chromosomecomplements as a result of scientific intervention. This results ina high DNA content. Also, the pulp is easily b