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Teachers are important to us because they help us to places in the world. For example, a radio presenter didn't get there all by themselves. Teachers are important to us because they teach us stuff so we get good marks on important exams EG. GCSES are really important because they help us get a good job

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2012-06-19 16:29:56
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Q: Why are teachers important in your lives?
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Are teachers important than doctors?

no of cource not doctors are way more important they save lives ok yeah teachers are responible for you education so you have a better life but come on what would you rather have an education or be dead think about it.................... If there were no doctors, then all the teachers would get sick and possibly die. Actually if there were no teachers there would be no doctors so no they are actually both are important

The most important reason why teachers and teacher aides should be strong leaders in the classroom?

Teachers and teachers aides should be strong leaders because they have influential positions. The way they lead can have a significant impact on the lives of their students.

What has the author A M Huberman written?

A. M. Huberman has written: 'Vie des enseignants' -- subject(s): High school teachers, Interviews, Teaching 'The Lives of Teachers (School Development)' 'The Lives of Teachers'

Why is a teachers job important?

Without teachers children wouldn't have an education and without an education a lot of people would not have jobs. TEACHERS ARE IMPORTANT.

Where do teachers live?

Teachers live like anyone else, in a house, an apartment, or a condo. Teachers have lives too, ya know.

Reasons why doctors are more important than teachers?

Because teachers teach you the important things in life...and doctors know whats important for life.......

What is the most important job and why?

I'd say it comes down to 2 jobs. One is a more important than the other, but they're close. so, drum roll please?...doctors and teachers. Doctors are important, well, because they save lives, discover new things to save lives in the future and are just generally good people for what they have to do. But! They had to go somewhere to learn how to save lives, where is that? School! Teachers had to teach them at school! Yes. All of the most important jobs in the world began with teachers. Teachers are the reason why anything works in this country. In order to be successful in any profession like the police, firefighters, lawyers, doctors, artists, construction workers, video game designers, engineers, ANYTHING you have to be taught by a teacher. That's why teaching is the most important job. Unfortunately, teachers don't get what they deserve. Certain people in this country right now want to get rid of teachers, but they are going to regret it 20 or 30 years from now when our children are lost and confused because they didn't get the proper education because they got rid of teachers now. So, I'm going to leave you with this statement: Teachers are the single reason why the world can work smoothly. They tie it together. Teachers have the most important job, ever. Hope this helped!

Why are teachers so cross?

Teachers are so cross because they have no lives and have constant stress by school children!

Why is it necessary to have code of ethics for teachers?

To prevent teachers from incorrectly interacting, socializing, or interfering with students' and or, their lives.

Why it's important to give training to teachers?

The importance of teachers traning

What multimedia is important in our lives?

why multimedia is important in our lives

Debate on a topic doctor are more important than teacher give five point?

This is a very subjective debate question. Doctors could be considered more important than teachers by some people because they help save lives. However, if there were no teachers, there would be no doctors. They are both equally important.

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