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i dont think teen jobs are bad. i have been working since i was 15 and a half and i love it! i have a car and i get to work full time during the summer. it beats sitting around being bored! working makes you feel good about yourself because you are being productive and you have money in your pocket. you also get to learn about the real world and why college is so important. Working is great but only if you can balance school and work. If you can keep your grades up then you will have no problems. SCHOOL COMES FIRST because school is the key to success in life.

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What jobs can a teen have?

a paper round?

What is good being a teen?

if you are a teen, you get more A"teen"tion.

Why is taking drugs as a teen bad for you?

Taking drugs as a teen is bad because you can get in a lot of touble and can't get out of it and you can die young if you take drugs as a teen.

What are some good teen jobs over the summer?

Teen jobs are often hard to find, and as many teens may not think their are jobs out there for teens. They may not be quite the jobs that the teen is looking for but they will find one. You could try babysitting, or provide me with some of your interests so that I can provide you with a more clear answer.

What are good teen jobs?

anything that u can get money from

Jobs for 14 yr old in Georgia?

Are there any teen jobs in the location of Riverdale,Georgia?

How old you have to be for teen jobs?

most places wont hire you before you are 15. but you can have some jobs before then.

Is it bad to have a crush on raven from the teen titans?

yes its very bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where are the best school teen jobs?

The best school teen jobs are usually after school jobs. These jobs can include working in the fast food industry of course but there are several other jobs available now too. Everything from a coffee shop barista, to a grocery bagger and even the good old after school babysitting job.

What jobs are available for a pre-teen in England?

Sadly, none.

What jobs did Amelia Earhart do?

she worked at a candy shop when she was a teen ager

Are management or technical jobs better?

Depends. There are good managing jobs and good tech jobs.Then there bad managing jobs and bad tech jobs.So a good tech job would be better than a bad managing job.(and vice versa)

Is starfire in Teen Titans good or bad?

She is part of the Teen Titans so that would make her good.

Is teen dating good?

teen dating is very bad, Ive got a fake id though.

What are statistics regarding teen violence?

its bad and violent

What was life like on board the titanic for the crew?

it was good for the people who had good jobs for the people with bad jobs it was bad

What jobs can you get at fifth teen?

yardwork or being a labor with someone in the construction field.....

Teen jobs in Indianapolis?

You could check out a site like

Are the any jobs for teen agers the age of 13 through 14?


What are the release dates for Dr- Phil - 2002 Bad Teen or Bad Mom 12-82?

Dr- Phil - 2002 Bad Teen or Bad Mom 12-82 was released on: USA: 15 January 2014

What are the Highest paying jobs in 2009?

jobs? to bad there are none left.

What are four reasons for increasing immigrants?

bad money back then needing jobs bad money back then needing jobs

What jobs pay enough money and are suitable for a teen?

Fast food joints and movie theaters and babysittong are good for a teen depending on where u live

Are night clubs bad?

Night clubs are bad because they are where STDs and teen pregnancy happens.

Teen drug use?

It's a bad idea, m'kay.