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Q: Why are the Serbians so disliked?
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Are serbians black?

No, Serbians are white people

Is Hitler more liked or disliked?

i'd like to say disliked but sadly I'm not so such its true.

Why do Serbian people still live in Europe?

Serbia is a country in Europe, so all Serbians living in Serbia are living in Europe. There would also be Serbians living in other parts of Europe.

Why are serbians not allowed in England or Ireland?

Your question is misinformed. Serbians are allowed into Ireland and England.

Why were the Stasi IM's so disliked?

because he is a bum

Why was the domesday book so disliked?

Because it is about taxes

Are serbians white?


Where do serbians Greeks bulgarians and albanians live?

Serbians = Serbia Greeks = Greece Bulgarians = Bulgaria Albanians = Albania

What are facts about Croatia relating with ethnicity?

In 1991. a war has occurred in Croatia and now the consequences are that Serbians and Croatian don't get along well. And Serbians in Croatia aren't really welcome so most of them hide their identity vice versa in Serbia.

How were the serbians involved in the start of world war 1?

serbians started world war one dude read hitlers books

What was the Kosovo War?

It was a ethnic cleaning war Serbians headed against Albanians. Serbs wanted to create Great Serbia in the region by fighting against Croats, Bosnians and Albanians. NATO had prevented them in doing so.

Why is theft so disliked by Allah?

Because the 10 commandments forbid it.