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Oxygen is more electronegative than hydrogen, meaning that in a water molecule the oxygen will carry a partial negative charge and the hydrogens will carry a partial positive charge.

This allows the (partially negative) oxygen to bind to the (partially positive) hydrogen of another water molecule.

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What can water molecules form hydrogen bonds with?

The hydrogen bond is between a hydrogen atom of a molecule of water and the oxygen atom of another molecule of water.

In both liquid water and ice a hydrogen bond forms between .?

A hydrogen bond forms between the hydrogen(s) of one water molecule, and the oxygen molecule of another water molecule.

A water molecule is what kind of molecule?

A water molecule is a type of polar molecule. It has two oxygen and hydrogen dipoles that do not cancel out one another.

Each water molecule is capable of forming?

Every 1 water molecule is capable of forming 1 molecule of hydrogen gas. This happens when the oxygen from the water binds with the oxygen from another water molecule.

How to break water molecule in hydrogen and oxygen?

The water molecule can be broken up into hydrogen and oxygen by means of electrolysis.

How many elements are in a water molecule?

Hydrogen and oxygenA molecule of water contains 2 elements. Those are hydrogen and oxygen.

What molecule can split into hydrogen and oxygen?

Any molecule that contains both hydrogen and oxygen can be split into its component parts. Simple H2O, water, is the simplest. H2O2, hydrogen peroxide, is another example.

How do plants create oxygen?

A water molecule falls on a chlorophyl molecule in a leaf. The Oxygen lies holding its two hydrogen atoms apart. A photon of light hits the electron holding one of the hydrogen atoms to the oxygen atom and it lets go. The chlorophyl molecule passes that hydrogen atom to another molecule. Then another photon of light hits the electron holding the other hydrogen atom to the oxygen atom and it lets go and the chlorophyl molecule passes that hydrogen atom to yet another molecule. At that point the chlorophyl molecule lets go of the oxygen atom. It meets up with an oxygen atom from another chlorophyl molecule. The two get together and leave the leaf.

What things does water have in it?

Water is a molecule containing one oxygen and and two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded to each other (oxygen to hydrogen). As a whole, observable water is simply many of these molecules 'stuck together' by hydrogen bonds that form between the oxygen atom of one molecule and the hydrogen atom of another.

Is the attraction between the hydrogen atom on one water molecule and the oxygen atom on another water molecule an example of hydrogen?

yes because the hydrogen is called Van Plon & water molecules are positive towards that.

The attraction of water particles to each other?

Strong hydrogen bonds as the Oxygen is really electronegative and the hydrogen is really unelectronegative. The hydrogen bonds to the oxygen of another molecule.

Which type of bond is responsible for water's cohesion and which atoms interact to form this bond?

A hydrogen bond between the oxygen of one water molecule and the hydrogen of another water molecule.

Where do hydrogen bonds form in water?

A hydrogen bond will form between the negative oxygen of one molecule with the positive hydrogen of another molecule. One molecule of water can make four hydrogen bonds. See the related link below for a diagram.

Is water an atom or molecule?

Water is a molecule, consisting of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen.

The molecule of water is a combination of?

The molecule of water is of hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio-1;2.

What bond creates water tension?

The hydrogen bonds that form between water molecules. A slightly positive hydrogen in one water molecule will form weak hydrogen bonds with the slightly positive oxygen on another water molecule.

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