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Why are the planets named?

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The 9 planets in the solar system include Earth, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. There is also Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus.

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Which Greek goddesses and gods are named after planets?

No gods are named after planets. But the planets are named after Roman gods.

What were the planets named after?

Some of the planets were named after greek or roman gods.

What planets are named after elements on the periodic table?

No planets are named after elements.

Are Roman gods named after planets or vice versa?

The planets are named after the Gods.

What type of gods are the planets named after?

All planets are named after Roman Gods

Are Roman Gods named after planets?

No, planets were named for Greek and Roman gods.

What are four element that are named after planets?

Four elements that are named after planets (or after the same Greek deities that the planets were named after) are mercury, uranium, neptunium, and plutonium.

How many god or goddess were named after stars and planets?

You have that backwards. The planets were named for the gods.

Why are the Roman gods named after planets?

Some Planets are named after gods .so poseidon says this is a quest for halima and kowsar to find why gods are named after planets. quick

Who are the planets are named after?

they are named after greek gods.

Why are the planets named after god?

That was how the Romans named them.

How do planets get greek names?

planets were named as discovered, so when the Greeks found them the were named with greek,

What is the planets name for?

the planets were named after roman gods

How many planets are that there are named?

In our solar system there are 8 true planets and hundreds of dwarf planets, in other solar systems around 404 planets have been named.

Why are planets named what they are named?

planets are named after the roman names for gods ex. Jupiter is the roman name for Zeus the god of gods

Why are planets called planets?

They are called planets because a famous scientist named them that.

Who are the planets of the solar suystem named after?

All of the planets, except the Earth, are named after mythical Roman gods.

Were Many Planets Named After A Mythological God?

All of the planets in our solar system were named after Roman gods.

What are the gas giant planets named after?

the gas planets are named after the greek gods and goddesses like Aries

How did they name the planets?

They named the planets after some Greek gods

What did Greeks and Romans name planets after?

They named the planets after their gods.

How many unnamed planets are there?

i think there are about 1000000000000000 planets not named

What are the solar system's planets named for?

Most of our planets are named from greek gods except earth, Saturn and uranus.

What did the ancient astronomers name the planets after?

They named all the planets after gods. For example, they named Mars after the god of war.

What three element symbols were named for planets?

None. Although Mercury, Uranium and Plutonium might seem to be named after planets they were not. They were named after ancient deities.