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Change your wiper inserts.

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Intermittent power window 1996 Lumina?

The intermittent power window module for your 1996 Chevy Lumina can be found inside of the driver door. You will need to remove the door panel in order to access the power window module.

How do you stop peewees from hitting your windows and doors if they are looking at their reflections in the glass?

Try sticking a fake cat up by the window if that doesn't work then try sticking something on the window so he/she can't see themselves.

How do you keep window from sticking to weather striping in freezing conditions?

Try spraying weatherstrip with silicone

How do the children attempt to pass a note to Boo Radley?

by sticking it in the window using a fishing pole

How do you fix car door window from jambing while going up?

Run the window completely down. Spray the window seals liberally with silicon spray. Then run the window up and down a few times. (May need to assist by pushing it with your hands to get past the sticking point at first.) Then wipe off excess spray. Do this about every 3-6 months to prevent sticking.

Why is wrong when power window on 1986 BMW 318i works only when the door is open?

I would suspect an intermittent short in the wiring to the power window motor in the section between the door and the door jam.

How do you get blueprints in Poptropica?

its right on top by the building window that's boarded up, it will be sticking out, and you just have to jump over it to get it.

How can I prevent sash windows from sticking when I try to open it?

The most common problems from sticking windows are the result of a poor paint job leaking onto the window frame. Once any paint is properly removed from the window, wax or soap can be used to rejuvenate the window's intended smooth open.

What causes intermittent power window failure in a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix?

There are a couple of different reasons as to why there would be power window failure in a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix. One reason could be a faulty fuse or it could also be a short in the window motor.

What is a headache rack?

some of them look like they have louvers on them but some don't. it goes behind the rear window on a pickup truck and it mounts to the front of the bed sticking up behind the window

Is licking a jollyrancher and sticking it on a window illegal?

It is probably a form of vandalism which is illegal, but if it's your own go nuts I guess.

Why does the battery keep going out in your electric window?

I have never seen a car with a battery for the electric window. The electric windows use the main car battery. If your electric window does not function properly, there is some other reason for it's erratic behavior. ie: intermittent short, faulty switch (my guess), faulty window motor, etc, etc.

Is using air conditioning more gas efficient than an open window?

At highway speeds yes, in city driving no.

Who gets stuck in the window during the fire in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Mr. Avery got stuck in the window during the fire in to kill a mockingbird.

How do you store window AC units, during the winter?

The easiest way to cool an older home that heated with radiators, is to use window AC units. Storing these window AC units during the winter can be a lot of work. What is are some suggestions for properly storing window AC units during the winter?

How does speed change drag on an airplane?

Think of sticking your hand out of a car window. The faster you go, the harder the air pushes your hand back

What happens if you use a 2 way mirror as a window What does the room look like with the mirror facing both inside and out Also how does the reflection look when it's also the light source?

During the day, from outside the window will look like a mirror, from inside the window will look like a window.During the night with the indoor lights on, from outside the window will look like a window, from inside the window will look like a mirror.During the night with the indoor lights off, from both sides the window will generally look like a mirror.

Where is the radio antenna on an 97 olds achieva SL?

it looks to me on mine that mine is in the middle of the back window u should see a little black think sticking up inside ur car in the back window.

How did Mary Anderson come to invent the windshield wiper?

She noticed street car operators in New York City having problems seeing (sticking their heads out the window or actually taking down the window in the rain). This inspired her.

What causes the compressor of a window air conditioner to run for 90 seconds then shut off then back on after several minutes repeatedly?

the thermostat is likely sticking

What does the word severed mean?

Cut off. For example, someone's arm may be severed if they are in a car crash and the arm was sticking out the window where it got hit.

Should you crack open a window during a hurricane?


Honda cr-v automatic power window does not work after battery replacement. How do I reset it?

Answer: set windshield wiper control to lo intermittent. Turn on ignition key. Done.

You like to stick your head out the window as far as you can while riding in a car does that make you a weird person?

That does not mean you are a weird person. However, consider how far you are sticking your head out of the window. If you stick your head out very far like into the next lane, then that is incredibly dangerous. If you are just sticking your head out the window for the heck of it, go for it! Not necessarily, however, it's a pretty unsafe thing to do as the car could pass by street furniture (lights, signs, etc) or other vehicles and you could be seriously injured. Best to leave it for dogs to do!

How long is the pregnancy fertility window?

Your peak fertility window is approximately 24-48 hours after ovulation. However, it is possible to conceive at any point during the month, even during your period.