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Why are there 3 rounds placed in the flag at military furnals?

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To represent the 3-gun salute. Each firer shoots 3 rounds in volley. If there are 5 honor guards, then it appears that there is a 15-gun salute, but each fired weapon doesn't count as 1. Many confuse a 21-gun salute with having 7 or even 21 guns, but in reality there is a battery of field artillery pieces.

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What is the meaning of folding the American flag at a military funeral?

The flag that covers a casket in a military funeral is very large. Etiquette says the flag may not touch the ground. Folding the flag in a triangle shape makes it far easier to carry and the end is tucked in so that it doesn't unfold. I have read that there is no meaning to the number of folds placed in the flag -- the are solely determined by the length of the flag.

How do you fly military and us flags?

When flying both the American and a Military Branch flag together you will always have the American Flag above the Military Flag.

What was the material of the flag that was placed on the Moon?

The flag on the Moon is a normal everyday flag.

Can the flag be placed on the floor?


Where should a flag be placed when there is a speaker in front of a group?

The flag shouldn't be placed so it blocks the Speaker at any point, but placed to the side of where the speaker is located.

What does a military flag look like?

A military flag is a typical rectangle flag. Each branch of the service has their own flag, so get the right one. Contact your local Am-Vets or nearest military organization for more information.

Would an American flag be placed over the casket of a Federal agency director?

If a police agency like the F.B.I. or C.I.A. sure. otherwise taps, flag draped coffins are confined to the Military services proper.

Where is the original American flag that was placed on the moon?

The flag remains on the Moon .

How should a flag be placed on a casket?


In the Irish flag which color is placed closest to the flag pole?

Green is the color closest to the flag.

Is the storm a flag size?


Who placed the flag on the moon?

Neil Armstrong

Is the flag that was placed on the moon still on the moon?

Yes the American flag is still on the moon

What is allowed to be on top of a flag pole that displays the American flag?

An American Eagle in flight is placed on the flag post top.

What was rthe name for the old Canadian flag?

The national flag was the Royal Military College of Canada flag.

In what year was the us flag placed in the moon?


Who placed the american flag on the moon?

Neil Armstrong

Which flag was the first to be placed on the moon?

the stars and stripes

Was the scottish rite's flag placed on the moon?

In a word, no.

How should a flag be placed over a casket?

The flag should be placed smoothly and gently around the casket; the stars should be at the bottom of the casket and the d trips are at the top,

Where can I find military flag etiquette?

I am pretty sure that there are websites that will give you tons of information on military flag etiquette. I think there may even be a few books about how to display military flags.

What is the stripe worn on a military item?

Usually the owners rank in the military, or their flag

When was the first flag on the moon?

Neil Armstrong placed the first flag on the moon in 1969 on July 20.

Where is the US flag placed on the flagpole?

The very end of the flag pole because it then shows power and might.

What is an example of a military custom?

Saluting the national flag of the countryis an example of a military custom.