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Why are there both the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Title instead of the Undisputed Championship Title in wrestling?


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"Pro wrestling" or "sports-entertainment" uses storylines, to give a reason for two, or more, people a reason to fight. It doesn't make much sense for one guy to have no storyline, and everyone else having one. That and Raw is on Monday and Smackdown is taped on Tuesday, so the poor guy would have major jet lag, considering the two shows aren't, necessarily, in the same state. I'd be confused after flying to a different city, with a different set of guys, that have different storylines going, week in and week out. The way they have it set up now makes sense, and if they do merge the shows together someday, the belt may too. The problem with that is: I could watch Raw, and miss Smackdown, but know 2/3 of what happened, if I watch the next RAW or visa-versa. That would eventually make ratings drop as a whole, which means less money for Vince, and he wouldn't want that to happen. Vince would as have to fire half the sixty something guy, because there wouldn't be enough air time for them all, which would drop the money, even more. The Monday night wars, were the best thing for both WCW and WWE, they gave you the best storylines, of one upping each other, and there were a lot of great moments, for both sides, because they wanted you, the fan, to stay interested. I'm more interested, in WWE sense they started the Raw vs Smackdown thing, after so many awful storylines, for both sides, if they pumped out one more bad storyline, I was done, but it's interesting again. I wish they would stay seperate, but you never know what may happen, in the future. I also wish they would have a PPV that they fight each other, once a year, like the king of the ring was, to show which side is better for a year. but that's unlikely to happen. Roster overload from wcw and Ecw plus new talent When the WWE decided to tape Smackdown on tues it became a problem to the stars travelling from one show to another in a short time. So when Brock Lesnar won the Undisputed Title, the story was that he signed an exclusive contract to be on Smackdown thus taking the title with him and left the Raw show with no champion. Enter Eric Bishoff. At the time he was Raw's GM and said the Undisputed title was 'in dispute' and brought back the Gold Belt that was used in the NWA days starting in 1984 and gave it to Triple H making him the first champion on Raw. This was able for WWE to have two champions on two shows. The third being ECW.


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With his contract expiring at midnight, CM Punk shocked the entire world and defeated John Cena to capture the WWE Championship in his hometown of Chicago. An irate Mr. McMahon called for Raw's Money in the Bank winner, Alberto Del Rio, to immediately challenge the new champion. Instead, Del Rio was met with a kick to the head by The Second City Savior, who exited through the Chicago crowd with the WWE Championship as Mr. McMahon helplessly watched. While mired in controversy that would permanently resonate in WWE, CM Punk's victory made him only the third Superstar in history to hold each the ECW, World Heavyweight and WWE Titles.

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