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Historically, a bridesmaid was used as purely a witness for the marriage, as an audience of more than 10 people was thought to warn away bad spirits. However, later on in history a large group of bridesmaids provided an opportunity for showing off the family's social status and wealth. Today, the number of bridesmaids in a wedding party is dependent on many variables, including a bride's preferences, the size of her family, and the number of attendants her partner would like to have as well. They are used today to generally assist the Bride, making sure the day runs smoothly and possibly to help in the preparation and organisation of the wedding.
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How can you save money on bridesmaids' dresses?

Struggling to find the perfect attendant dresses while not completely blowing your bridesmaid's budget is a tough one. On one hand, you want the day to be absolutely perfect and so beautiful as to never be forgotten. On the other hand, you know that these dresses may only be worn once, and it's hard ( Full Answer )

Transgender male bridesmaids?

Sure, why not - if they are your friends, why should you rejectthem? Just make sure there are comfortable with it.

Can bridesmaids be married?

Answer . Of course. In some instances the Best Man and Matron of Honor are a married couple. Same can be true for the rest of the attendants, except for the children, of course.

Can I have my Brother as a bridesmaid?

Answer . I was in a wedding this summer and the bride had her brother as a brides'man'...anything goes in this modern world!

How do you get out of being a bridesmaid?

Bowing Out of Being a Bridesmaid Our users share their opinions: . You could always be a lady and go to the bride and tell her for personal reasons you can't be a bridesmaid for her. And that she had better ask someone else. Don't delay this so that she has to do this at the last moment, but ( Full Answer )

What is a bridesmaid?

More than that, a bridesmaid and/or maid-of-honor serves a practical purpose. During the hectic time of planning a wedding, she is a confidant, advice. A bridesmaid's duties might include: . helping the bride shop for her dress and bridesmaids' dresses . when asked , giving advice on decoratio ( Full Answer )

Who was Princess Dianas bridesmaids?

Clementine Hambro, 5, Catherine Cameron, 6, Sarah-Jane Gaselee, 11, India Hicks, 13, and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, 17

How young can bridesmaids be?

This is generally up to the bride. The bridesmaids should be the brides closest friends so they will probably be around her age group. I would say anywhere from around 14 and up but that is just an opinion.

Duties of bridesmaids?

organising hen do welcome guests on the big day! help the bride with invitations organise venue make sure the brides outfit is okay

Who were Princess Diana's bridesmaids?

\nClementine Hambro, 5, Catherine Cameron, 6, Sarah-Jane Gaselee, 11, India Hicks, 13, and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, 17

What hairstyle should a bridesmaid have it?

You can have your hair whatever way you like it. To my dad's wedding I am going to have my hair up in a bun with beads and a tiara. I am 12 years old. But it depends on your hair. If you have really short hair like a few inches above your shoulders then just wear a tiara. Ask your local hairstylist ( Full Answer )

Where can you find camouflage bridesmaids dresses?

You will not be able to actually find camouflage bridesmaid dressesoff the rack. In order to have them you will have to special orderthem from a bridal shop. The other option is to make them yourself. Camoflage bridesmaid dresses are also available online at thefollowing websites: CamoFormal RealTr ( Full Answer )

What is a junior bridesmaid?

Usually someone younger than the rest of the bridal party (such as a pre-teen or young teen sister or cousin), but someone who is too old to be a flower girl or miniature bride.

What can a bride give to her bridesmaids as a gift?

A nice necklace is a good gift, pair of earrings or something personal that you know they would like are nice gifts. If you have a theme wedding you could do something in your theme or colors. Another good idea would be a care package that they can use on the day of the wedding or bridal shower; f ( Full Answer )

What were the names of Princess Dianas bridesmaids?

several of her attendents were Clemintine Hambro-a nursery school charge of Dianas that was the great-granddaughter of Winston Churchil Sarah-the daughter of Princess Margaret Charles distant cousin as well

Can bridesmaids be unmarried?

Bridesmaids are dont have to be married.They can, though. But, Bridesmadens, are married. And so are Madens of Honor.

Can my daughter be your bridesmaid?

With modern weddings of today yes, your daughter could not only be one of your bridesmaids, but your Maid of Honor if you so decided. What a lovely thought and congratulations!

How do you ask to be a bridesmaid?

You do not ask to be a bridesmaid. It is up to the bride to choose who she wants in her wedding party such as maid of honor and bridesmaids.

What is a Jr bridesmaid?

A junior bridesmaid is someone that is a minor, but they are still acting bridesmaid.

What is the masculine nouns for bridesmaid?

The commonly-used masculine noun equivalent to bridesmaid(s) is groomsman or groomsmen . You could also refer to them as bride's (or groom's) attendants. A non-gender-specific term is wedding attendant.

Who are the bridesmaids in the royal wedding?

The bridesmaids for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will include: Maid of Honor: Philippa Middleton, 27, sister of Catherine Middleton. Bridesmaids: - Lady Louise Windsor, 7, William's first cousin on his father's side. - The Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones, 8, Willia ( Full Answer )

Why is bridesmaides pg13?

Actually, I think it is rated R, and it is because there is quite a lot of swearing and there are a couple of sex scenes.

Where can you download bridesmaids?

See since it's in theathers right now not alot of sites will carry it. You can look it up on google but you will probably have to pay some money for it.

Is bridesmaids rated R?

Yes. For a lot of sex stuff, language and drug use. Hope you like it! :)

What age rating is the film bridesmaids?

Rated R : 18 or older I think bridemaids is rates 15 (i have seen it on dvd and i have the dvd cover !!] i would delete the answer above but it wont let me !! :[ x

What do you have to do if you are a bridesmaid?

A bridesmaid has many responsibilities that may include but are not limited to: -help organize, fund, decorate and attend the bridal shower -attend the rehearsal dinner -possibly attend and help fund a bachelorette party -pay for and wear bridesmaid dress and possibly shoes and accessories -stand a ( Full Answer )

Why was the film bridesmaid so popular?

The title of the movie is "Bridesmaids" with an "s" at the end. I have not seen it, but it was Directed by Paul Feig, who created the show "Freaks and Geeks", which is a beloved show in the comedy nerd community. Kristen Wig and Maya Rudolph are also very popular from SNL. The movie was received ( Full Answer )

Who walks down aisle first junior bridesmaid or bridesmaid?

This is definitely an opinion question, but I am the wedding coordinator for my church. Generally, one leads off with the junior bridesmaid, then the "regular" bridesmaids, maid or matron of honor, the the ring-bearer and flower-girl just before the bride. This is not set in stone. For example, if t ( Full Answer )

Who starred in Bridesmaids the movie?

Bridesmaids (2011) Starring Kristen Wiig Maya Rudolph Rose Byrne Melissa McCarthy Wendi McLendon-Covey Ellie Kemper Chris O'Dowd Jill Clayburgh Cast listed in credits (in credits order) Actor ... Character Kristen Wiig ... Annie Walker Terry Crews ... Boot Camp Instructor Maya ( Full Answer )

Is a bridesmaid the same as a maid of honor?

No, a bridesmaid and a maid of honor are not the same thing. A maid of honor is a higher role than that of a bridesmaid; consider a maid of honor to be for the bride what the best man is for the groom. The maid of honor is typically responsible for assisting the bride with anything during the weddin ( Full Answer )

How much do bridesmaid dresses cost?

Bridesmaid dresses can range from $99 to upwards of $400. The price can be effected by factors like size, intricacy and number of colors used.

What are some bridesmaid gift ideas?

There are plenty of bridesmaid gift ideas such as necklaces, bracelets, purses, luggage, personalized flasks, scrapbook, spa gift cards, salon gift cards, flowers, etc.

Can a Catholic be a bridesmaid at a protestant wedding?

You would have to check with your pastor on this, it would depend on the religion of the people getting married, what type of service it was, and other factors, check with your pastor or your confessor.

What is the task of a bridesmaid?

A bridesmaid does the most important job in planning and executing a wedding. They are supposed to submit to any demands made by the bride. They are also the bride's rock, and calm them and bring them back down to Earth when a bride becomes overwhelmed or a bridezilla.

Where can you rent jewelry for a bridesmaid?

There are a few places where one can rent jewellery for a bridesmaid. This includes going to high end jewellery stores, as well as pawnbrokers and other people who specialise in jewellery loans.

Where can one get a bridesmaid jewelry set?

Sounds like someone's getting ready for their lucky day! If you're looking to bridesmaid jewelry sets, you might want to give davidsbridal, 2-be-unique, or weddingfactorydirect.

Where can one find bridesmaid hairstyles?

Ideas for bridesmaids hairstyles can be found on webpages such as Glamour Magazine, Bridal Magazine, Pintrest, Refinary 29, as well as Wedding Party App.

Are there bridesmaid at a Jehovah witness wedding?

Whether to have a bridesmaid or not is a personal decision. It isneither encouraged or forbidden. It is according personal choiceand custom of the land. There is nothing in the bible to discourageit.