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There are disagreements on Immigration issues because some think that the efforts to control immigration are inherently anti-immigrant. Others, including the US Commission on Immigration Reform, think that it is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.

There are also disagreements on the number of immigrants that can be be absorbed into the US and the categories of immigrants who should be given priority.

And there are disagreements on how to control the US borders, on allowing children of illegal immigrants to attend public school, on allowing children born in the US to an illegal immigrant mother to have automatic citizenship, registration of illegal immigrants along with having them pay taxes and learn English, and holding employers accountable when they deliberately hire and exploit undocumented workers.

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Why are the presidential candidates talking about immigration?

Because for many US citizens immigration and illegal immigration are hot issues right now.

A time when disagreements about national issues grew quiet?


Why did Damon wayans and Lisa thorner divorce?

They had some issues disagreemenTs

Should the US government be allowed to separate parents and children when ruling on immigration issues and recommending deportation of the parents?

No why?

What are two important issues which involved disagreements between the three branches of government?

There have been many disagreements that have occurred between the three branches of government about important issues that have come up throughout history. Two of these issues include the declaration of war and the national deficit.

What do you have to do to sponsor the immigration of a family member of your spouse from the Philippines if your spouse is not yet a US citizen?

Please visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website for accurate information on all immigration issues. USCIS,

What are the immigration issues in belarus?

Belarus experiences slightly more immigration than emigration

What were important national issues in the 1840s and 1850s?

Immigration and Slavery. APEXimmigration and slavery

What efforts were made to control immigration and personal behavior in the late 1800s?

These are two separate issues. Pick one for us to answer.

What year was Immigration to the US?

To this day there has always been immigration to the US

Does Mexico like the US?

Mexicans do like the US. Like most most neighboring countries they may have disagreements on some issues but overall relationship is good. Economically, they are good trading partners and they do good business.

How do disagreements over immigration policy reflect the benefits and challenges of a diverse population?

The assumptions that long dominated discussion of the costs and benefits of immigration were replaced during the 1980s by a number of new questions, issues, and perceptions. The evidence suggested that immigrants did no harm to native employment opportunities, and were less likely to receive welfare assistance than natives. ChaCha!

Did Robert Morris participate in political issues in the past?

Yes, he was part of the creation of the US constitution, and helped settle disagreements in all three branches (legislative, executive, and judicial)

How did US immigration between 1840 and 1860 affect the economy?

Therenwas some tension between some people and there were some ecinomical issues.

Call for limits on immigration in US?

Why did nativity sets seek to limit immigration in to the us

What are the newest issues in Mexico?

Immigration from Central Americans into Mexico.

What are the current issues in Spain?

Immigration is a big issue currently...

Do the US Supreme Court Justices have the same views as the President in office?

The justices on the US Supreme Court do not even always agree with themselves on issues regarding the US Constitution. Even justices recommended by the US President and approved by the US Senate may have disagreements with the president who nominated them.

What did the US do to european immigration after 1910?

The US throw the European immigration after the year 1910. There were to many immigrants in the US.

Causes of immigration to US?

The primary reason for immigration is jobs.

What is the system to limit immigration to the US?

Immigration Act of 1924.

Can an immigration attorney resolve issues with getting a new spouse a green card?

If the issues are resolvable, an immigration attorney is the person who can help you. Look for one who's admitted to the bar in the state where you reside.

How does one avoid immigration issues?

You can avoid Immigration issues by keeping things legal. Do not use fake degrees, don't work anywhere illegally and keep up with the laws in the country you are immigrating to.

Why is there an immigration problem in the US?

There is a immigration problem because in the US there are more rights and less (if not more) discrimination.

Why us citizens would be against immigration?

You should'nt be againt it. US citizens are against illegal immigration.