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Dragons symbolize many things to different cultures - like peace, war, harmony, ect.

Dragons also seem to be symbolic of the combination of several elements (air, water, earth, fire, etc.), and seem to be the apparent guardians of nature. In western culture they were subdued (slain), and in eastern cultures they were respected and known for their acts of kindness.


Knowledge of mythical creatures was pasted down through stories as people couldn't write so stories would change and become more far fetched as time went on, but the dragon is very similar in china and Europe which is interesting. My opinion is that people could have found dinosaur fossils and imagined that they were dragons. Think of what a dragon is, a big monster, big teeth, claws etc. that's a dinosaur. There is a theory that the cyclops myth came from when prehistoric elephant skulls were found in southern Europe and people made up a creature that it could have belonged to so the same could apply to dinosaurs and dragons.

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Are dragons important to Chinese culture?

Dragons are very important to Chinese culture. Chinese dragons are very wise. They are not the evil princess eating dragons that the west have. Dragons stand for the power of the Emperor in the old China.

Where did the stories of dragons originate from?

Stories of dragons appear all throughout history and almost every culture has their own idea about dragons. Some reasons for this could be the finding of dinosaur fossils. Dragons could be used to describe the indescribable bones of unknown creatures.

Dragons in Japanese Culture?

they are usually referred to lung dragons meaning ancient and wise beings

What symbolizes dragons in the Chinese culture?

The Chinese believe dragons are really important and symbolize a life of peace and happiness

How can dragons not be real if almost every culture all over the world has myths about them?

Onyxxia's lair and Duskwallow Marsh are on a game called warcraft! Not in real life!

What do Chinese dragons represent?

Dragons are an integral part to the Chinese culture. Chinese people believe it is a power that can bless their lives.

Are dragons related to the Devil?

That depends on the traditions of the culture.In Chinese culture dragons bring luck and help people.In western Christian tradition the dragon is a symbol of the devil (but not actually the devil).etc.

Why do Chinese believe in Dragons?

In China, dragons represent power, dignity, and honor. The Chinese believed that dragons were holy and that their kings were descended from dragons. It is so deeply imbedded in their culture that a long time ago, to not to believe in dragons meant getting executed.

Why are dragons important in Asian culture?

Dragons are important because they were believed to be the sky and rain, earth, lakes etc. and kill their wives

When do frost dragons hibernate?

Every summer.

Why is the Japanese dragon so important in culture?

Dragons were believed to bring rain

How often do you feed your bearded dragons?

every day

What animal are komodo dragons?

Komodo dragons are just huge lizzards that have tongues like snakes that flick out every now and then.

What is the difference between a dragon and a unicorn?

Bother dragons and unicorns are mythical creatures. A unicorn is a mythical horse with a single spiraling horn in its forehead. They were believed to be a graceful creature that could cure illness and purify poisoned water. There are generally portrayed as benevolent. Dragons are more variable but are usually shown as enormous reptiles. In western culture dragons are portrayed with bat wings and the ability to breathe fire. Most dragons in western culture are portrayed as evil beasts sometimes allied with the devil. In eastern culture dragons are often benevolent. In these cases they are wingless and have serpentine bodies.

Why are dragons in Chinese New Year?

I am in lion dance a traditional Chinese culture. They are not dragons they are lions. Once the lions perform their dance they have blessed your business and your business will have good luck.

Does Every culture have a name for a deity?

Yes, every culture has a name for a deity. This has dated back to the time of the Egyptians.

What are dragons in Australian culture?

This site may help you:Of Dragons and Devils:Chinese-Australian Life Stories*

How did viking culture spread to England?

They road on dragons while eating lamb and pooping in the air with water.

Are there dragons alive now?

It depends on your religion and culture. Some cultures believe that they indeed exist, but most people consider dragons as myth and legend. The komodo dragon is a lizard that lives on Komodo Island. They are not dragons, but they were named that due to their large and fierce looks.

General customs and practices that are found in every culture are called what?

Cultural Universals are customs and practices that are found in every culture.

General customs and practices that are found you every culture are called what?

Cultural Universals are customs and practices that are found in every culture.

How does art affect culture?

Art affects culture with trends. But culture affects art in every way there is.

What culture is learned?

Every culture is learned by the people who live it. Even people born into a culture learn the culture as they grow and mature.

What do dragons do every day?

the usual dragon stuff. Eat, Sleep, Pillage.

Do you have to be a member on runescape to kill blue dragons?

Yes! Every dragon is for members.