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Why are there letters under some dates on pennies?

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The letter indicates the Mint that struck the coin. Mint marks appear on all current U.S. coins except for cents that were struck at Philadelphia, PA and West Point, NY.

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Why do some pennies have letters under the year?

The letters under the date on some pennies indicates which US Mint branch made the coin. The letter "D" indicates the Denver, Colorado Mint, the letter "S" indicates the San Francisco, California mint and no letter at all indicates the coin was struck at the US Mint in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What are some rare pennies?

1943 silver pennies

What Is A Type 2 Penny?

Type 2 pennies are typically more valuable because of some error on the penny. A type 2 Indian head penny are the ones minted from 1886 to909 and the last feather of the headdress is pointing between the letters C and A of America. In 2000 type 2 pennies have a space between the letters A and M of America. These rare pennies are not minted this way on purpose.

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Where can a penny be found?

they could be found in wishing wells, or you can find some loose change like pennies under your couch. there are pennies everywhere some are on the floor but people dont notice them. some can be in your purse or bag that you have to look deep in for. just keep a sharp eye and you will find them. ask more questions!! :-) --melissa

Are feather back penneys worth anything?

Wheat ears, not "feathers" Cents, not "penneys". "Penneys" is a department store. And "pennies" are British coins. Yes, some of them can be valuable but it depends on their dates and what mint mark they have under the date. You can find values at the links below

What fo you do with canadian pennies?

You can take Canadian pennies to a bank or some stores will also take them as cash.

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Was there a steel pennies made in 1961 that was not for circulation?

Steel pennies were only minted in 1943, however some examples of steel pennies being struck in error in 1944.

How much are 10lb of pennies worth?

If you are asking about the numismatic value then it would depend upon the dates, mint marks and condition of each coin. If you are asking about the metal value of 10 lbs of pennies, the value would depend upon the dates on the pennies since some pennies are made of mostly copper and some are made of mostly zinc. Answer: The present US cent weighs 2.5 g, 10 pounds is the same as 4540 g so the number of all new present date US cent coins would be 4540/2.5/100 = $18.16

Which Canada pennies are magnetic?

2002-2012 (although some pennies minted in these years are non-magnetic, as well)

How do you separate wood and pennies?

Swirl them in some water so that the wood floats to the top and the pennies fall to the bottom.

Do banks accept pennies?

Some banks do, some banks don't.

What are some valuable pennies?

Wheat pennies is one they may be worth a few dollars; see They have good info.

How many pennies are in 57 dollars?

Five thousand, seven hundred pennies would total 57 dollars. So 5700 pennies is the answer unless this is some sort of trick question.

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How do you separate paper clips and pennies?

some how or anther

Why are some pennies raised more than others?

because i ate some of them

Why do some people hoard copper pennies?

The idea is to save copper pennies because their melt value is higher than face value. If the U.S. government eventually makes it legal to melt old pennies, then said hoarders can sell their pennies at a profit.

What is the value of a 1923 New Zealand Penny?

Such a thing does not exist. New Zealand did not mint it's own pennies until 1940. Any Pennies circulating in New Zealand prior to 1940 would have been mostly British Pennies and some Australian Pennies.

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It is because all the letters at the top are curvy and all the letters at the bottome aren't

Were 1962 silver pennies ever made?

Pennies never had silver. There is the steel one from ww2 unless it's some kind of commemorative.

Is it possible to make 55 cents without using nickels?

Sure. Some possibilities are2 quarters and 5 pennies1 half dollar and 5 pennies5 dimes and 5 pennies1 quarter and 3 dimes1 quarter, 2 dimes, and 10 pennies5 dimes and 5 pennies,etc.

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The number of pennies you can fit in a large coffee can depends on how big the can actually is. Some people can fit up to 15 thousand pennies in a large coffee can.