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Why are there so many different shades of colors and what is the point of needing so many?

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This Is A Weird Question. That's Like Why Is There Air. IT IsStated That The Human Eye Can Detect Over 63,000 Different Colors. If Everything Was Black & White TV Wouldn`t Be Any Fun. Hope This Helps You


not a weird question .but, how boring the world would be if there was no color. The normal human eye can distinguish 256 shades of gray (between black and white), this gives limited quantities of data from the world that surround us. But the human eye also can distinguish normally 256 shades of every primary color too... since all colors come from mixing those shades of color then you have 256 x 256 x 256 (or 16777216) shades of color that can be distinguished. Compare it to just 256 shades of gray and then you will have a grasp at why is this, since color not only transmits emotions but information from the environment surrounding you (Depth, distance, consistence, density, temperature, etc) so you can better understand what surrounds you.

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